The Complete Ultrasound Suite


Ultrasound scanning or sonography is a diagnostic technique that employs high-frequency sound waves that create high quality images of internal body organs and structures.

When sound waves are directed into the body – some are absorbed and others come back. The machine measures the waves that are bounced back to form an image of internal body organ. This technique can be employed to see the organs or body structures that are soft or filled with water, but not effective for hard and bony structures. Sonography is a safe test and can be done within 15 to 20 minutes. Virinchi Hospitals has two specialized rooms equipped with ultrasound machines along with a mobile ultrasound unit making the suite one of the most technologically advanced and specialized ultrasound suites. In addition, Color Doppler, and 3D and 4D ultrasound machines along with sophisticated, high-resolution, real-time duplex features make the suit a comprehensive unit.
Obstetric ultrasound

Sonography during pregnancy is a routine test. It helps your gynaecologist examine and see your baby. During the examination, your gynaecologist precisely calculates your baby’s age by taking the measurements.

Pregnancy Scans

Pelvic ultrasound

Pelvic ultrasound is used to study the reproductive organs of females: uterus and ovaries and is usually performed in the lower abdominal region. For better visualization of the pelvic area, sinologist may sometimes scan the uterus and ovaries by using a probe through the vagina.

Abdominal ultrasound

To examine the abdominal region and to study the internal organs like abdominal aorta, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, urinary tract system, an abdominal ultrasound is performed.

Breast ultrasound

The ultrasound helps physicians detect any suspicious breast lump and to know whether it is rigid or soft. The initial finding is quite important to recommend further screening methods like mammograms and clinical breast examinations. This test does not require any initial preparation.

Medical Scans

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