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24X7 Virinchi Assistance

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Trust Virinchi People’s Hospitals for Cardiac Care expertise with team of best cardiologists in Hyderabad.

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    At the Cardiology Department of Virinchi People’s Hospitals, we provide cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic services for a range of heart conditions. We also focus on preventive cardiology to reduce the likelihood of cardiovascular issues. Our team, including seasoned cardiology doctors, cardiac surgeons, and interventional cardiologists, is adept at handling everything from routine to complex cardiovascular emergencies. We pride ourselves on offering personalized treatment and care that aligns with global standards and practices. Our department addresses various heart conditions such as coronary artery disease, heart failure, atrial fibrillation, aortic and valvular diseases, and stroke. We are well-prepared with specialized cardiac operation rooms and catheterization laboratories to tackle urgent heart-related crises 24/7. Our cardiologists are supported by top-notch diagnostic tools that aid in swift and accurate diagnosis, leading to prompt treatment initiation. We offer a comprehensive range of diagnostic services in-house, ensuring that patients receive all necessary tests without having to leave the hospital. These services include ECG, echocardiography, stress tests, CT scans, MRI, and angiography.

    Our Specialists

    Sr. Interventional Cardiologist


    2D/3D Echo

    Echocardiography is the major noninvasive diagnostic tool for real-time imaging of cardiac structure and function. 2D/3D ECHO uses a matrix array ultrasound probe and processing system. This enables detailed anatomical assessment of cardiac pathology, particularly valvular defects and cardiomyopathies.


    It depicts the electrical activity of the heart and is useful in the diagnosis of chest pain which may be the first sign of a heart attack. It helps determine the cause of heart disease symptoms like breathlessness, giddiness, and palpitations.

    Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump

    It assists the heart during or after a heart attack. It supports the heart during or after a procedure to open a blocked artery, such as the placement of a coronary stent and coronary artery bypass surgery. It is useful during high-risk percutaneous transluminal coronary (balloon) angioplasty, rotoblator procedures, and coronary stent placement

    Medical Conditions

    Treatments Offered


    128 Slice CT Scanner

    Offers high-resolution imaging with less exposure to radiation, ideal for detailed heart and brain scans.

    Stress Echocardiography

    Assesses heart function under stress, typically using exercise or medication, to detect heart disease.

    Advanced Fluoroscopy Systems (Cath-Lab)

    Capable of performing advanced applications such as rotational angiography and 3D reconstructions to assist in complex procedures.

    Electrophysiology (EP) Study

    An invasive study mapping the heart's electrical system, crucial for diagnosing and treating arrhythmias.

    Transesophageal Echocardiography

    Provides close-up heart images via an ultrasound probe inserted into the esophagus, enhancing diagnostic accuracy.

    Invasive Investigations

    Coronary Angiograms and Peripheral Angiograms


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    A serious medical emergency wherein blood supply to the heart muscles is blocked leading to injury or death of heart cells. The condition is popularly known as Heart Attack….