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24X7 Virinchi Assistance

040-46 999 999

Critical Care Management

Breathe easy: Unsurpassed expertise for treating all aspects of chronic and acute conditions.

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    Our Specialists


    Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO)

    In summary, it acts as a substitute for both heart and lung and enables oxygenation and maintenance of blood pressure extracorporeally (while working from outside the body) during instances such as heart surgery or heart/lung failure or shock


    Ultrasound has evolved to become one of the most versatile modalities for diagnosing and guiding treatment of critically ill patients

    Cardiac Output Monitor

    Cardiac Output Monitor is used for blood flow measurement from the aorta or transpulmonary artery

    Medical Ventilator

    Medical ventilator is a breathing aid for patients who are incapacitated naturally and optimally

    Treatments Offered