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Being the best kidney care hospital in Hyderabad, Virinchi Hospitals offers expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of kidney and hypertensive disorders.

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    The Nephrology Department at Virinchi Hospitals provides a comprehensive and world-class healthcare experience for patients dealing with kidney and related ailments. The department boasts a highly skilled medical team and dedicated paramedical staff who excel in managing a wide spectrum of kidney diseases, spanning from uncomplicated cases to the most intricate conditions.

    The conditions addressed within the Nephrology Department of Virinchi Hospitals encompass acute kidney injury, kidney stones, chronic kidney disease, kidney cancer, complex urinary tract infections, cystic kidney disease, acute and chronic glomerular disorders, vasculitis, and severe kidney damage.

    Virinchi Hospitals offers a range of both invasive and non-invasive treatments for kidney disorders. The hospital’s facilities encompass an outpatient department for initial symptom evaluation and post-treatment follow-up, emergency dialysis and continuous renal replacement therapy for critically ill patients, continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis, live donor/cadaver kidney transplantation, ABO-incompatible kidney transplants, kidney biopsies, renal cancer treatment, and surgical removal of diseased kidneys.

    Our Specialists

    Chief Nephrologist, Dept of Nephrology Specialist in Complex Kidney Transplants, Peritoneal Dialysis & ICU Nephrology
    Sr. Consultant Nephrologist & Transplant Physician, Specialist in Interventional Nephrologist
    Consultant -Nephrologist, Transplant Physician & ICU Nephrology



    Hemodialysis involves the use of a dialysis machine to eliminate waste, fluids, and salts from the blood. When kidney function is impaired, doctors recommend hemodialysis. It enables patients with kidney failure to maintain an active lifestyle. Although patients undergoing hemodialysis may experience complications such as itching, muscle cramps, low blood pressure, bone disease, anemia, amyloidosis, issues at the access site, and altered potassium levels, our skilled medical team effectively manages these challenges.

    Peritoneal Dialysis

    Peritoneal dialysis utilizes the abdominal lining as a natural filter to remove waste from the blood, with the fluid and waste water draining from the abdomen at designated intervals. Complications associated with peritoneal dialysis may include weight gain, hernias, infections, and gradual declines in dialysis effectiveness over time. We offer various types of peritoneal dialysis, including continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis and automated peritoneal dialysis, to cater to your specific needs.

    Plasma Exchange (PLEX)

    Plasma exchange, also known as plasmapheresis, is a medical procedure that involves removing, treating, and then returning blood plasma to the body. It is indicated for - Autoimmune disorders such as Guillain-Barré syndrome, myasthenia gravis, and systemic lupus erythematosus. Neurological disorders like chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP). Certain kidney diseases and some hematological conditions.

    Medical Conditions

    Treatments Offered


    Blood Tests

    Serum Creatinine
    Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN)
    Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR)
    Complete Blood Count (CBC)

    Kidney Function Test

    Creatinine Clearance
    Protein-to-Creatinine Ratio
    Blood Urea Nitrogen


    CT Scan

    Other Investigations

    Urine Culture
    Genetic Testing
    Kidney Biopsy
    Urine Analysis


    When the kidney lose their function, excess biochemical material, excess fluids and unwanted waste from the blood is filtered outusing a lifesaving medical procedure called Dialysis…

    A person who has experienced the pain caused by kidney stone will remember it for long time. The radiating pain stays till the stone passes out of the body our through urine…