Bereavement & Mortuary Services


Bereavement services

The demise of a friend, relative or someone near to us is a time of grief. We at Virinchi Hospitals feel extremely sorry for someone who have lost their relative or friend, and pay our sincere tributes and condolences to them. Though this period is quite unfortunate for all of us, yet there are some issues that should be set right at this juncture. Keeping such issues in mind, At Virinchi Hospitals, we have allocated the services to two dedicated Bereavement Services Officers who extend the support and help to offer the needed information and assist during such difficult times.

Services Offered

Our Bereavement Services Officers complete the requirements after the death of an inmate. First of all, they complete the process of acquiring the death certificate pertaining to the cause of death from the doctor of the ward. After getting the certificate they hand it over to the patient’s relative or friends duly signed by them.

In addition, they identify the exact causes of death after post-mortem and get the concerned certificates from the respective doctors. Bereavement Officers arrange cremation papers and also liaison with the police, in addition to releasing dead bodies for burial and cremation. Though the team is small, yet it is competent enough to quickly respond to the need.

The Bereavement Services Officers’ advice associates of the patient whenever they require help. Whether it is a matter of registering death, returning the personal belongings or the valuables left, providing medical certificate or providing information pertaining to the cause of death – it is their duty to guide you all through. In addition, the concerned officers also help you in matters that are problematic for you or about which you don’t have any clarity.


Mortuary services

Mortuaries have a very specific significance in all communities, cultures and religions. And, it is quite important to have a proper place dedicated for this purpose. In this regard, Virinchi Hospitals has put in place a dedicated team with competent and efficient members who serve the needs of the relatives and friends of the deceased. To avail the services, it is mandatory to fill in an application along with a certified copy of the death certificate by duly mentioning the relationship of the applicant with the deceased person in statutory declaration form.

As far as storing and safeguarding dead bodies are concerned, Virinchi Hospitals offers its services irrespective of any religious, cultures or traditions’ distinctions. Our facilities ensure safe and hygienic storage of the dead bodies prior to their cremation and burial. If the time is for less than twelve hours, the bodies are preserved in our special facility without freezing. For storage requirements more than 24 hours, the bodies are stored in freezers. The hospital provides twenty four (24) hours mortuary services.

Virinchi Hospitals performs preserving services for dead bodies brought to the hospital by the relatives of the deceased person. However, the body must be seen and certified by the Casualty Medical Officer (CMO) of Virinchi Hospitals prior to being shifted to the mortuary. The hospitals also provide storage services for the bodies brought from other hospitals, but the relatives need to provide all concerned documents and the decision to preserve the body would be at the sole discretion of the CMO of Virinchi Hospitals.