Smart ICUs



Virinchi Hospitals has developed a SMART Intensive Care Unit (ICU) system that improves vital-sign monitoring of critically-ill patients. By collecting and analysing several vital signs simultaneously, the smart ICU system could be used to assist physicians and nurses in monitoring patient’s physiological parameters.

With the smart ICU, it is quite possible to potentially spot dangerous deviations from a patient’s ‘ideal’ vital-sign range and remedy problems quickly. At Virinchi Hospitals, we have different types of ICUs and Stepdown ICUs
  • MICU-Medical ICU
  • Stepdown MICU
  • SICU-Surgical ICU
  • Stepdown SICU
  • TICU-Transplant ICU
  • NICU-Neonatal ICU
  • CICU-Cardiac ICU
  • Stepdown CICU
  • CTICU-Cardio Thoracic ICU
  • Stepdown CTICU
The criticality of designing smart ICU’s lies in the proper understanding of IT, meticulous planning, diligent designing and creation of sophisticated infrastructure, which is efficient enough to provide proper connectivity, interoperability and better middleware solutions that offer better care. In our MICU and Transplant ICU, dedicated single patient cabins are designed and equipped to be on par with international standards to prevent hospital acquired and cross infections. In other ICUs, we have dedicated isolation rooms to mitigate the risk of cross infections. The design of the room is focused on:  
  • Functionality
  • Ease of use
  • Healing
  • Safety
  • Infection control
  • Communications
  • Connectivity
  • Efficiency
A smart ICU integrates all possible provisions for the patient including the availability of data in display format, integration of data with actionable information, usage of data for patient’s comfort, safety, monitoring and better outcome. By integrating all sorts of patient’s care related requirements, smart ICU offers efficient patient care and management.

Smart ICU Perspectives

  • High-end ventilators with all modern modes of ventilation
  • Fully loaded monitors
  • Central nursing station monitoring
  • Electronically controlled infusion of medications and IV fluids (syringe and infusion pumps)
  • Patient warming systems
  • Anti-pressure sores facilities
  • Infection control infrastructure and processes
  • Anti DVT and PE equipment
  • Nurse server & secure ID card access reader
  • Digital clock with temperature and humidity display
  • Storage cabinets
  • Dedicated systems
  • Barcode reader and lab label printer
  • Webcam
  • Nursing work area

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