Pharmacy Services


Well Stocked Pharmacy

The Pharmacy has ample storage facility for all categories of medicine ranging from over-the-counter medicines to prescription-only medicines. It holds readily available stock of surgical, disposables, narcotics, life-saving and general healthcare products. All medicines are stored according to their storage guidelines and efficacy standards, and therefore, refrigerator and cold spaces are allocated specially for the medicines that require low temperature storage like biological products and heat-liable substances. The stock of only trusted medicines is maintained. Computerized supply chain management system ensures redundancies in supply and effective management of pharmacy.

Inpatient Pharmacy (Ward Pharmacy) Services

The in-patient pharmacy services ensure round-the-clock pharmacy services to the patients in clusters, suites and other rooms of the hospital. For a majority of in-patients the supply is through unit dose drug dispensing system. We have dedicated pharmacists and chemists to serve the requirements of patients with accurate and efficient distribution of medications through the advanced pneumatic chutes distribution system. The main objective is to ensure availability of medicines at patients’ disposal at all times. We help patient with appropriate drugs and medications according to their specific requirements in accordance with appropriate drug therapy that is targeted for a specific outcome.

Outpatient Pharmacy

The Outpatient Pharmacy is centrally located on the ground floor near the main lobby and provides all the necessary drugs and services related to disbursement of necessary healthcare products. Anyone who is in the hospital or outside the hospital can avail these services. We provide on-line insurance billing for prescriptions. In addition, the pharmacy is well equipped to provide online prescription orders as well.

Operation Theatre Pharmacy

One exclusive OT pharmacy is located in the OT cluster to provide medical and surgical requirements for surgeries. All quality parameters and standards are followed while handling the pharmacy items meant for surgeries.

Good Competent Staff

Competent pharmacists and knowledgeable pharmacy staff are available round-the-clock to serve the patients.