Mucormycosis (Black fungus) infection in eye: Facts and myths

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      Mucormycosis :

      • Aggressive opportunistic fungal infection.
      • Black fungus – characteristic black colored appearance of skin and mucosal lesions.
      • Mucor spores are commonly found in environment in soil, air, moist damp surfaces and decaying matter.

      Predisposing factors :

      • Not a new disease
      • Immunosuppressed individuals – chemotherapy, post transplant, on immunomodulator drugs
      • Sudden spike of cases in COVID-19 times
      • Both + and COVID recovered patients

      COVID-19 + MUCOR

      ROCM – when and how to suspect

      • Facial pain / swelling, Headache
      • Nose block, nasal crusting, blackish discharge
      • Thickening of skin / loss of sensations around nose, cheek and eyes

      Eye symptoms

      • Eye pain
      • Redness
      • Eye swelling, drooping of eye lid
      • Discharge / watering
      • Prominent / protrusion of eye
      • Blurring / Loss of vision
      • Restriction of eye movements – Frozen immobile eye

      Oral symptoms

      • Difficulty chewing
      • Opening mouth
      • Black ulcers on palate / oral cavity
      • Difficulty swallowing

      Regular self exam

      • Full face exam in daylight
      • Face- Facial swelling / discoloration / hardening / pain on touch
      • Nose- Torchlight- black areas / swelling inside nose
      • Mouth- Loose teeth / black areas over palate and teeth
      • Eyes
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