Lab Services


Laboratory Medicine

The Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology at Virinchi Hospitals is based on the NABL norms pertaining to safety, infrastructure, backups, waste management and disaster recovery, and is designed to handle large volumes. We have different sub-departments like biochemistry, microbiology, pathology, heamatology, histopatho-immunology, molecular genetics. The range of lab tests include various fields like molecular biology, serology, enzyme immunoassays, immunology, hematology, clinical pathology, nephlometry, flow cytometry, cytogenetics, immunohistochemistry, fish& histopathology. All the instruments are integrated with laboratory management system. All the tests are conducting under strict supervision of experts.
We provide very friendly and neat and clean environment with best services like home sample collection, timely message alerts on mobile phones, good communication staff with top quality man power. Due to high levels of technology & computerization samples are processed both efficiently and economically, and most of the results are available within 24 hours from receipt of samples.


Fully automated systems for clinical chemistry and advanced immunoassay system for hormonal assays, tumor markers, antibodies to various proteins and antigens to infectious diseases.


Fully automated five parts cell counters and high end coagulation analyzers for detecting blood disorders like leukemia, thalasemia, clotting disorders and bone marrow.


State of art automated culture and antibiotic sensitivity testing systems.


Latest equipment to process tissue and biopsies and immunohistochemistry platform for accurate classification of tumors.



The Best flow cytometry equipment with three laser and eight colour technology for tissue typing in organ transplantation, stem cell enumeration and bone marrow typing, the analysis of the leukaemia and lymphomas, detection of minimal residual diseases (MRD), immunological monitoring of HIV infected individuals, detection of antibodies, DNA content analysis,  immunodeficiency diseases, assessment of structural and functional properties of erythrocytes, leucocytes, platelets.


It is used for real time genetic analysis of wide range of infectious diseases and disease causing agents, redefining active MRSA surveillance, pre surgical testing of S.aurens & MRSA, detection of MRSA&SA in skin and soft tissues, detection of ‘flu A’ & identification of H1N1 in one hour, rapid test for enteroviral meningitis, MTB & resistance to rifampicin, to detect factor 2 and factor 5 leiden associated with thrombophelia.


For expression of thousands of genes simultaneously in a particular sample by using C-DNA micro array & DNA chips. It is used to detect tumors of unknown primary origin with 80% accuracy.


FISH is a technique used to detect chromosomal abnormalities. It is used as powerful cytogenetic tool to detect haematological malignancies & solid tumors. FISH is applied to detect genetic abnormalities such as gene fusions, aneuploidy, loss of chromosomal region and identification of novel oncogenes. It is potential diagnostics tool to fight against cancer.