Integrated OT Suites

Integrated OT Suites


Operation theatres at Virinchi Hospitals have been meticulously designed to optimize their capabilities. Punctilious Operating Theatre (OT) Suites integrated with superior technology help ease the operating capabilities of the surgeons and surgical team, and ensure safe and efficient environment for the patient.

In a non-integrated OT suite, different categories of equipment are arranged around the surgical table and they are pushed and pulled back whenever needed, whereas in an integrated OT suite one operator (nurse) can manage the entire suite from a central command console. The nurse at the control station accesses numerous devices by means of a computer –which means, users can easily and effectively manage surgical equipment.

In a traditional OT set up, attending nurses, up on the instructions of the surgeons, change the settings of the equipment, adjust the lighting, capture an image, increase or decrease the pressure of the insufflator, while moving around the operation table. Integrated OT offers fabulous set up wherein the ambience inside the theatre is not as cluttered.

The Integrated Operation Theatre suite at Virinchi Hospitals epitomizes the futuristic technology integrated theatre with sophisticated technology and equipment including HD cameras, monitors, DVD recording, LED flux of lights, and efficient voice control systems. It is beneficial to both the patient and surgeon. For the surgeon, this suit has the potential to augment the results in minimally invasive surgeries and it offers the best possible solution to patient’s safety and better outcome.

During minimally invasive surgery, HD cameras capture images and direct them to large monitors, which are then properly positioned according to the requirement to make sure that they are in proper sight of the surgeons. This improves visibility of the operating area and thus helps the surgeon to see, diagnose and treat the condition efficiently.

Surgical site infections are quite common after surgery. The operation theatres at Virinchi Hospitals have laminar air flow systems that use high-efficiency particulate Air Filters (HEPA) by which the particles as small as 0.3 microns can be removed. Thus, the usage of ultra-clean air minimizes infection rates significantly in the OT setting.

Salient features of our integrated OT Suites include

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Salient features of our integrated OT Suites include

  • An exclusive pre-operative area
  • Eleven dedicated specialty specific, modular OT suites
  • Latest anaesthesia workstations
  • Remotely controlled motorized OT tables
  • LED shadow less operation table lights
  • Surgeon control panels
  • Laminar air flow with HEPA filters
  • Top-of-the-line electrocautery machines & other energy sources
  • C-Arm
  • Complete stainless steel panelling with smooth finish
  • Epoxy flooring
  • A well-equipped Post Anaesthesia Care Unit (PACU)

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