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      ENDO MARCH 2021

      • The Month of march is dedicated to create awareness about ENDOMETRIOSIS
      • About 200 million women suffer with ENDOMETRIOSIS worldwide
      • 1 in 10 women have this disease ENDOMETRIOSIS
      • It is difficult to diagnosis as the symptoms are not related to the severity of the disease
      • Average time from the onset of symptom to correct Diagnosis is 5 to 10 years
      • 40% of patients who came to fertility centre have ENDOMETRIOSIS.

      Symptoms :

      • Heavy and painful periods
      • Pain and heaviness in lower Abdomen
      • Difficulty in conceiving leading to anxiety, depression and QOL (Quality of Life)

      How is it Diagnosed :

      • Proper history
      • Though physical Examination
      • Ultrasound
      • MRI
      • Diagnosis Laparoscopic
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