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      1. Endocrine System :
        Glands that secrets Hormones that regulate reproduction/Growth/development/mood/metabolism/sexual
      1. Hormone Disorder:
      • Diabetes
      • Pituitary Disorders
      • Gonadal Disorders
      • Thyroid Disorder
      • Adrenal Disorder
      • Growth Disorder
      • Metabolic Disorder
      1. What are signs and symptom related to hormone disorder.
        a) Excessive weight gain or less.
        b) Increased or Decreased Appetite.
        c) Hot or Cold intolerance.
        d) Short Height.
        e) Tall Stature.
        f) Failure of aliening paternity or delay of progress of paternity (Not starting Menstrual cycle fled, Failure of breast
        growth in female, beard growth/ sexual development in boys)
        g) Irregular cycle /facial hair growth in young females/Infertility.
        h) Premature stopping of menstrual cycle, bleed in young females.
        i) Bone disorder (repeated fracture/osteoporosis).
        j) Recurrent Kidney stone / Calcium Disorder.

      1) Seven uncontrolled hypoglycaemias.
      2) Requirement of high Insulin dose.
      3) Wide frequent of blood glucose, e.g.,70 mg/dl at one time, >300mg/dl at another during same day.
      4) Frequent low blood glucose.
      5) Increase blood glucose during pregnancy and childhood.


      1) Increased or Decreased Thyroid hormones.
      2) Thyroid Disorder during pregnancy and childhood.

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