Dietary Services



Virinchi Hospitals understands the dietary preferences of all irrespective of their geographical locations – which means patients approaching to the hospitals from all over the world have the privilege of availing their specific food preferences without compromising on quality of food.

The Food & Beverage Department offers myriad range of foods that are prepared in hygienic kitchens under strict quality control measures in accordance with the international quality standards. Food is prepared according to the regular dietary requirements and allowances recommended by the hospitals nutritionists and dieticians. Doctors, nutritionists and dieticians work collaboratively to ensure that the food served to the patients meets the recommended nutritional requirements and dietary allowances. All food preparations meant for patients are customised according to the individual requirements of the patient.

Patient meals

Meals for patients are available round-the-clock and to avail the services, patients can make a call from their room or order from their mobile app. A dietician makes a diet chart after getting the recommendation from the physician. Duty nurse ensures the availability of the diet chart to the patient apart from the regular menu. Patient’s attendants and guests can also avail room services for an additional charge.