Chemical Injury/ Spillages

  • On an average, Chemical Injuries account for 15% of the total eye injuries
  • Two thirds of eye injuries happen in young men and children under years of age
  • Majority of the eye injuries are due to chemical spillage happen in work place
  • Minority of the eye injuries are due to physical abuse or home activities
  • Common eye injuries in India with – Lime and Holi Colours
  • Eye damage caused by Acids and Alkalis are different
  • Acids are less damaging to the eye than bases
  • Alkali eye injuries are more common than acid injuries
  • Symptoms of eye injury, minor – Pain, Flow of Tears, Light Sensitivity, Closing of Eye Lids, Progressive loss of Vision
  • Signs of eye Injury, minor – Swelling of Eye Lids, Swelling of inner lining of eye lids, Scratched Cornea
  • Immediate Self-Care Tips – Wash with plenty of water while keeping the eye lids open for as long as possible
  • Reach out for Care – Reach out to Emergency Department and an Ophthalmologist sooner the possible
  • Medical Care @ Hospital for Minor Eye Injuries– Ophthalmologist cleans the eyes, tests them and provides medication for pain, dryness and healing
  • Medical Care @ Hospital for Moderate Eye Injuries– Admission to the hospital with continuous care & monitoring is mandatory
  • Medical Care @ Hospital for Sever Eye Injuries– Admission to the hospital for required surgeries with continuous care & monitoring is mandatory
  • Recovery depends on Injury Severity grade, Quick Self and Medical Attention and Adherence to Medication & Medical Advise
  • Eye Injury Prevention Tips 1 – Always use protective eye wear while using hazardous chemicals either at home or work
  • Eye Injury Prevention Tips 2 – Keep hazardous chemicals labelled and away from children
  • Eye Injury Prevention Tips 3 – Use eye safe colours while playing Holi

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