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A surgical process to treat kidney failure is known as kidney transplant. The kidneys function as main filtering organ which removes waste from blood and finally through urine from the body. It helps to maintain the body fluid and electrolyte balance. Non-functioning of kidneys causes waste build up in the body and can make you sick.

Usually, if the kidney fails the person undergoes a treatment called dialysis. Through it, the waste builds up in the blood stream and then gets filtered mechanically. However, some people whose kidneys fail also prefer for the process of kidney transplant. In this procedure, either one or both kidneys are replaced from donor kidneys offered by a living or deceased person. The surgeon takes the donated kidney and place it in your body.

The process of Kidney transplant in Hyderabad is very common which is backed by the presence of many kidney buying Hospitals in Hyderabad. The city with advance medical facilities provide the kidney surgery at very affordable price. There are many kidney transplant hospitals in Hyderabad with specialized surgeons who are expertise in performing the kidney transplant procedure.

Who might need a kidney transplant?

If both the kidneys stop working, then going for kidney transplant is the best option.Any health disorder can affect kidney transplant process and in order to avoid the complications doctor will check for serious underlying medical condition.After finding the most compatible kidney donor among the various kidney donors in Hyderabad or other parts of the nation for a transplant, the doctor can recommend for your evaluation at a transplant center. Make an enquiry below to get an idea of the kidney transplant cost in Hyderabad

Who donates the kidney?

There are many kidney donors in Hyderabad who are either living or deceased. Living donors include family members, close friends and deceased are those who have died and can donate their kidneys to the affected person. There exists a huge number of kidney buying Hospitals in Hyderabad which makes Hyderabad a credible source for kidney donors.

Matching process

Once evaluated for a transplant, your blood test and human leukocyte antigen (HLA) is determined for blood type. If the HLA type matches, then possibility of donor’s kidney rejection becomes less. The more antigens match with donor the greater the chance of kidney transplant success rate.

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    How is a kidney transplant performed?

    Kidney transplant is done under general anesthesia that puts you to sleep during the surgery. Then the doctor makes an incision in the abdomen to place the donor kidney inside. Then the arteries and veins are connected from the kidney to your arteries and veins. This results in the blood flow in the new kidney. The doctor also attaches the new kidney’s ureter to your bladder for proper urination.

    What are the risks of a kidney transplant?

    The most serious risk of kidney transplant is the rejection of donated kidney. There are some other risks such as allergic reaction to general anesthesia, bleeding , leakage or blockage from the ureter etc. You can talk to the doctor about the risks and know about the kidney transplant cost in Hyderabad as well.

    Getting a Transplant

    Ask your doctor about the best kidney transplant hospital in Hyderabad for an evaluation. The process involves the complete physical exam, review of health records, and various tests and X-rays to know about your overall health. During the surgery, the donated kidney is placed into your lower abdomen to connect it to important blood vessels and bladder. The operation takes about four-five hours. After the successful transplant, you’ll be taught about the medicines that you have to take and about their side effects. 


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