Pneumonia treatment


Pneumonia is a condition in which the normal air sacs present in the lungs are filled with fluid. This disease is life-threatening when not treated early. Children and people of age more than 60 years are more likely to get affected by this disease. Pneumonia in children treatment is done by antibiotics only. You must ensure that your child gets required rest and maintain a healthy diet. Avoid smock-ing around your child as this may also affect their condition. Pneumonia treatment at home includes rest, antibiotics and increasing fluid intakes. One must ensure a healthy liquid diet along with a lot of rest. Symptoms after pneumonia treatment include vanishing of fever, chest pain gets reduces, cough and breathlessness should get reduced.

Pneumonia Treatment 

Child pneumonia treatment home can be performed simply by making the child rest properly. Make them intake liquid diet which will help the child to improve there condition. Pneumonia diagnosis and treatment are quite complex at times. Pneumonia is diagnosed physical exam, chest X-ray, ct scan, blood test, and pulse oximetry. A doctor may follow the method of diagnosing depending upon the condition of the patient. The typical pneumonia treatment also depends upon how much the condition is severe.

The basic methods for treating pneumonia are having a liquid diet, getting a lot of rest, taking anti-biotics prescribed the doctor. Pneumonia hospital treatment is done when the condition of the patient is severe. The in-hospital treatment you will be given fluids and antibiotics through a drip. This step is taken in severe cases of pneumonia. Pneumonia treatment for baby is done by antibiotics only along with increasing liquid intake. The medicine can be given to the baby orally at home only in mild cases of pneumonia. 

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Causes of Pneumonia

Pneumonia causes, symptoms and treatment are explained widely by the doctors today. There are many seminars which focus on creating awareness about pneumonia. The cause of pneumonia is an infection in the air sac present inside our lungs. Smokers, premature babies, people with weak immune systems, people with chronic lung conditions can have pneumonia. Although this disease is chronic it can be tamed to some extent by proper treatment. The symptoms of pneumonia include high fever, chills, and shortness of breath, increased breathing rate and chest pains. Early diagnosis of pneumonia can help in curing the disease in time.

Recovery after Pneumonia Treatment

It may take a time of several weeks to recover after the treatment of pneumonia. Fatigue gets reduced, breathing becomes normal, cough also gets normal and starts decreasing. The recovery from pneumonia may take time it’s not an instant process. One must take proper treatment and take good rest in order to recover from the condition as early as possible. You can also prevent pneumonia by avoiding smoking, keeping your home warm, avoiding contact with people who have coughs and colds. Prevention is always better than cure. You must take care of yourself in order to protect yourself from chronic lung disease. Hence, pneumonia can be treated if given proper time and treatment.


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