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A strong and painful contraction or tightening of the muscle that occurs suddenly and lasts for some time is known as a muscle cramp. A muscle cramp often comes in the leg and stays for few seconds to few minutes. The other thing which is seen due to the overstretching of the muscle is muscle strain mainly caused due to the tears in the muscle belly. The cramp and the strain may happen to anyone at any time and that is why it is better to know muscle cramps treatment and strain treatment.

Symptoms of Muscle Cramp and Strain

There are various muscle cramps causes and treatment. It may happen due to the inadequate blood supply, compression of the nerve, or mineral depletion. The muscle cramp is mostly seen in the calf of the leg muscle. You can also see lumps of muscle tissues beneath your skin beside the sudden pain. You need to see a doctor for the muscle cramps treatment when

While in sprains and strains you can see swelling, muscle spasms, difficulty in moving the affected muscle, bruising, and severe pain. Again you have to see a doctor for the sprains and strains treatment of the muscle when:

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    How to Treat Muscle Cramp and Strain?

    It is very easy to treat the muscle cramps and strains with self-care measures. Which mainly include

    For a leg muscle cramps treatment try to stretch your leg as much as possible to get relief from the pain. Towards the affected side in the direction of your head try to pull the upper part of your foot to get relief from the cramp. This method is also helpful for hamstring cramp.

    The sprains and strains are treated according to the severity of the injury. Your doctor may ask for simple self-care and exercise if you have mild pain.

    For the leg muscle cramps treatment, you can make your cramp relax by massaging it with a warm towel or a heating pad. The steam of the hot shower on the cramped muscle is also helpful along with a warm bath. In sprain and strains treatment, massage by applying ice to the affected area so that you can get relief from the swelling.
    If the pain in the cramp does not get relief by simple self-care, your doctor may ask to take medicine to treat the cramp. Similarly, if the sprain is not much severe then medications can easily improve the pain.

    In sprains and strains, for the instance of a torn ligament or ruptured muscle, your doctor may ask for a surgery to treat the affected joint.

    There is not much to worry about cramps and strains, you can take simple measures to get relief from the pain


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