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When you are suffering from a severe back and leg pain and prone to various diseases such as osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, or symptomatic stenosis then opting for a spinal surgery is a good option. Where endoscopic spine surgery is the best choice for best results. It is a type of surgery in which small tabular system or micro incisions are used with an endoscope attached for visualization. In contrast to the traditional spine surgery, in this surgery the patient experience less pain and quick recovery.

When a patient undergoes endoscopic spine surgery, the mobility of the spinal cord is preserved as the spinal cord is not merged with rods and screws. The surgery does not take more than one hour and you can continue with your routine within one or two hours.

Who are the Candidates for Endoscopic Spine Surgery?

When a patient has persistent pain in back or leg and suffering from tenderness, numbness, and tingling while sitting, bending or walking and there is no relief by continuous medical and physical treatment then he/she is a candidate of endoscopic spine surgery. The symptoms are taken into observation for 4 to 6 weeks including rest and then the surgeon suggests for the surgery. A patient who is suffering from sciatica, claudication, and myelopathy can go for keyhole endoscopic spine surgery for better recovery. The medical problems such as diabetes and heart disease should be tested in a candidate before the surgery to avoid complications.

What is the Procedure of Endoscopic Spine Surgery?

The procedure involves the insertion of a pencil size tube in the spine through a small incision. With the help of a small high definition camera attached to the tube, the surgeon views the spine anatomy in order to remove the disk herniation, bone spurs, thickened ligament and to treat the considered damaged area in the spinal cord. After the treatment under the direct and clear view of the spine, the incision is closed. The patient may suffer from severe pain and should be given immediate pain relief medicines. A laser endoscopic instrument is also used at times in endoscopic laser spine surgery to view and treat certain spinal disorders. Out of all disorders, the cervical is the most sensitive area of the spine and thus endoscopic cervical spine surgery is used to treat the cervical spine because of its delicate position.

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    What are the Advantages of Endoscopic Spine Surgery?

    The endoscopic cervical spine surgery is easy and quick which gives you the following advantages:
    So don’t worry much about your back pain and get endoscopic spine surgery for a better life and good health.


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