Brain Stroke


When the blood supply to a part of the brain is reduced or is interrupted, it deprives the tissues in the brain of nutrients and the oxygen. This causes brain cells to die and a stroke occurs. As everything happens within minutes, stroke is said to be a medical emergency and it required brain stroke treatment. A timely action can reduce the damage to the brain and the probable complications.  
One must watch out for the brain stroke symptoms. If attention is paid to the symptoms a disaster can be prevented. If you notice the following brain stroke symptoms you must see doctor at the earliest:

  • You might face trouble when speaking. It might be that you feel confused or experience slurring while speaking.
  • If you feel that a part of your body, especially your face, leg or your arm, is numb or feeling weak sudden. You might want to stretch your arms over your head, if one arm starts to fall it might be because you are having a stroke,
  • You might experience a sudden blurred vision or even a blackout, in both or one eye.
  • A severe headache accompanied with dizziness or altered consciousness may also be a sign of a stroke.
  • You may find that you are feeling too weak to walk, you may also stumble and lose balance while walking.
If you or someone near you faces these brain stroke symptoms, you must see a doctor as soon as possible.

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Brain Stroke Treatment

The emergency brain stem stroke treatment that is provided is given on the basis of what kind of stroke it is. if it is an ischemic stroke that blocks an artery or a hemorrhagic stroke that involves bleeding into the brain.

An Ischemic Stroke
In an an ischemic stroke, the doctors need to restore the flow of blood to your brain. This may be done through medications which lead to the clot-busting. An intravenous injection of recombinant tissue plasminogen activator also called alteplase, is regarded as the most standard treatment for ischemic stroke. Sometimes, ischemic strokes are treated with procedures performed directly inside the blocked blood vessel. Other procedures like carotid endarterectomy or an angioplasty are also carried out depending on the medical condition.

A Hemorrhagic Stroke 

In case of a hemorrhagic stroke the doctor tries to control the bleeding and reduce pressure in the brain. A surgery may help a future risk. Through surgical clipping, coiling, AVM removal through Surgery or a stereotactic radio surgery are brain stroke treatments that can help a patient greatly.


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