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IVF that stands for in vitro fertilisation is an intricate series of procedures which are carried out to treat infertility. It is an assisted reproductive technology, where the eggs are extracted from a woman’s ovaries and a sperm sample is retrieved, after which the process of fertilisation is carried out by combining the egg and the sperm in a laboratory dish. Once the embryo/ embryos is/ are formed, it/ they are transferred to the uterus. Virinchi Hospitals is the best ivf centres in Hyderabad with state of the at infrastructure and minimal ivf cost in Hyderabad

What are the Risks?

Though in most cases, women resume their normal activities from the next day onwards, but you may need to take it a little easy. Though the process is considered to be safe, there are a few risks involved:
Multiple Births- In many cases, more than one embryo is implanted in your uterus, which leads to multiple births.
Premature Delivery- Studies have shown that IVF increases the chances that a child will be born premature or with a low birth weight.
Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome- Many a time because of the fertility drugs there is swelling and pain in the ovaries.
Complications in Egg-Retrieval- The use of an aspirating needle to collect eggs can cause infection, bleeding or damage to the blood, or bowel vessel or the bladder.

Ectopic Pregnancy- Though the percentage is less, but some women may have an ectopic pregnancy. In an ectopic pregnancy the fertilised egg implants outside the uterus. And as the egg cannot sustain itself outside the uterus, the pregnancy has to be terminated.
Certain Birth Defects- Though the findings are debatable, some studies show that it is the age of the mother that is the primary risk factor in the development of birth defects.
Cancer of the Ovaries- Early studies suggests a link between certain medicines, that are used to promote the egg growth, and a type of cancer that results from an ovarian tumour. Though, recent studies have contradicted these findings.

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Procedure of IVF Treatment

Generally, the procedure of best IVF treatment in Hyderabad involves the following steps: 

  • Step 1- The patient is given fertility medicines for stimulation of egg production. Examinations are carried out to check hormone levels.
  • Step 2- The eggs are retrieved from the ovaries of the woman through a minor surgical procedure.
  • Step 3- The sperm of the male partner is retrieved, and is prepared for combining with the eggs.
  • Step 4- Insemination is then carried out, which is a process where the sperm and eggs are mixed together and stored in a petri dish to promote fertilisation.
  • Step 5- Once the fertilisation occurs, the eggs that have converted into embryos, are transferred into the woman’s uterus by using a catheter or small tube.

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Success Rate

The IVF success rate in Hyderabad for an IVF treatment depends on a number of factors
that may include: 

  • Reproductive history of both the man and the woman
  • Age of the woman
  • Cause of infertility
  • Lifestyle

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How much does IVF Treatment Cost?

As compared to the other countries IVF cost in Hyderabad India is cheaper, probably one of the cheapest in the world. But that also means that you must study in detail all the options available. Before you finalise anything do a research about their credentials, have a look at the facilities that the clinic is providing, inquire about their record of success. 
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