Kidney Injury Treatment


Acute kidney injury is not always caused due to accidents that deliver a blow to the kidney as referred to by the name. In fact, this disease worsens over a short period of time. The early symptoms are usually unnoticeable even though the disease already exists. Acute kidney injury becomes noticeable suddenly when the kidney is not able to carry out it’s main function of eliminating the waste fluids or salts by filtering the blood. If the waste materials are not eliminated, it begins to accumulate in the body, thus, hampering the functioning of other organs.

Acute kidney injury or acute kidney failure usually occurs in unhealthy or sick people. Chances of developing an acute kidney failure is usually high in patients who are already admitted for acute kidney injury treatment in hospitals for some other disease or are in ICU. 

Acute kidney injury is caused when there is less blood flow to tge kidneys; this may occur due to dehydration which in turn leads to presence of less fluid in the body or due to other diseases for which the kidney injury treatment is being undertaken. It is essential that acute kidney failure be immediately treated otherwise in serious cases it may lead to complete damage of kidneys which can be a life threatening condition. 

Acute kidney injury may develop in following cases:

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    Acute kidney injury

    Blood test and urine test needs to be done for diagnosis of acute kidney injury. If the level of creatinine is found to have increased than the base line, improper functioning of kidneys is detected and then the cause fir the disease needs to be evaluated.

    In mild cases i.e when the patient is not already admitted in a hospital, usually the health practitioners prohibit such patients from consuming certain medicines and treat the infection that may be the cause for the kidney injury. For chronic cases, the patient needs to be promptly admitted to the hospital and urgent acute kidney injury treatment is mandatory. Again, depending upon the cause the disease can be treated in a few weeks otherwise, dialysis or transplantation becomes necessary in case of complete failure of the kidneys. 

    kidney injury treatment

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