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Chest X-Ray Test In Hyderabad

Ever wondered how does the internal structure of your body look like? How are the bones and other organs placed so that it makes the complex human body work so efficiently? This wishful thinking can actually come true with the X-Ray imaging technology. A radiography, or X-ray in common parlance, refers to a non-invasive medical procedure, where images of the internal body parts are taken with the help of minimal dose of ionizing radiation.

When your cardiologist wants to diagnose any problems that you may be facing, the first routine check-up that he or she would suggest is a chest X-Ray. The common symptoms for which your doctor may suggest a chest X-Ray can include but is not limited to

As Chest X-Ray test is a non-invasive test, the person undergoing the same is not required to make any preparation. Just take care of the following points

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    Once you are in the medical facility for the procedure, you will be asked to wear extremely lose clothes and remove any metallic accessories. You will then be taken to a special room designed to take X-rays, where your Chest X-Ray test will be performed.

    In the X-ray room, you will be asked to stand in front of a plate, where a moving camera captures the images on the X-ray sensitive film on the plate. As the light from the camera passes on to the plate, the opaque bones and organs appear distinctly on the plate. The attendant will capture the images from all required directions. You will be asked to hold your breath during the chest X-Ray test to avoid blurriness. After this you can just change and carry on with your daily activities.

    The chest X-ray film on being developed provides your doctor with a lot of useful information about the following

    The results of your chest X-ray can be discussed with your doctor in follow-up appointments.


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