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Though urinary tract infections are common in women, but men can develop UTIs too. Nearly 12 percent of men will have symptoms of UTI and is commonly seen in men older than 50. The chances of infection are seen less in men as the longer urethra makes it harder for bacteria to get into the bladder.

How Urinary Tract infection is Caused in Men ?

Urinary Tract infection is caused when bacteria build up somewhere in the urinary tract. In men, it can develop in the urethra, the bladder, the prostate or the kidney. The infection is usually caused by the bacterium Escherichia coli which is naturally present in the body.

Factors That Increases the Risk of UTIs in Men

There are some additional factors other than age that can increase the risk of UTI in men, such as

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    UTI Symptoms in Men

    The symptoms of UTI in men are generally not too different from those that women experience. Some of them are:

    Diagnosis of UTIs in Men

    When bacteria enters the urinary tract it results into Urinary tract infection. Diagnosis of infection is done in following ways:

    Physical examinations:
    checking the vital signs and examining the genitals

    Laboratory tests
    Lab tests can help diagnose the infection. Urine culture and an imaging study, such as CT scan can evaluate kidney stones and other abnormalities.

    Urinary Tract Infection Treatment in Men

    UTI treatment for Men includes the medication or antibiotics to kill the bacteria and get rid of the symptoms. A longer course of at least a week is required for urinary tract infection men treatment. 

    Home remedies
    Some home remedies can also help treating an infection:
    Drinking plenty of liquids is important for urination and flushing the bacteria out from the body.
    Cranberry juice can help to flush out the bacteria from urinary tract and thus prevents the infection.

    Urinary Tract Infection Prevention
    To lower the risk of UTI, one need to :
    completely empty the bladder at time of urination.
    Drink lots of fluids as it can help push the bacteria out of the urinary tract and prevents the infection.
    clean the genitals before and after sex can help remove bacteria.
    urinate after sex which can remove any bacteria which might have been passed during intercourse.

    The infection can spread quickly and become serious without proper treatment or even fatal. So, don’t avoid symptoms like frequent urination or a burning sensation. It’s also important to get these symptoms checked to prevent the complications. Also, if you notice any of the signs of a UTI, you need to consult a doctor for a diagnosis and male uti treatment recommendations.
    UTIs in men needs at least seven days of antibiotic treatment to prevent complications. 


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