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A Lung transplant is a surgical procedure in which diseased lungs are replaced or removed with the healthy donor lungs. Donor lungs can be either from a living or deceased donor. The lung transplant surgery proves to be an effective lung transplant operation for those suffering from respiratory disease. Through transplant, the patients can breathe easily and it improves their quality of life. There are many lung transplant hospital in Hyderabad with specialized surgeons who are expertise in performing the lung transplant procedure. 

Who May Need a Lung Transplant?

Severe lung infection or failure is a strong indication for a lung transplant. Those whose lung disease is so severe that they can’t live or breathe comfortably can undergo lung transplant. Also, people suffering from lung diseases Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pulmonary fibrosis lung transplant can be done.

Lung transplant in Hyderabad is a common lung transplant procedure opted by many people suffering from severe lung infections. A transplant can add years to life improving the breathing in individuals. Lung transplant cost varies and depends on the type of treatment, expertise and success rates. The surgery provide an active lifestyle that can last for years. Thus, it is nothing less than lifesaving.

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    Preparing for a Lung Transplant

    The doctor refer a patient to a transplant center for evaluation. It involves the physical exam and various tests such as PFT, cardiac test, bone mineral density test, chest X-ray, blood type etc.

    Doctor won’t recommend a lung transplant if you have any heart, liver, or kidney disease; prone to infections; or cancer. In addition, anyone who continues to smoke cannot choose lung transplant.

    Lung Transplant Evaluation

    The lung transplant process of evaluation involves: 

    Who Will Benefit From Evaluation?

    Transplant Surgery

    When a compatible donor lungs becomes available, then surgical team will evaluate it. Depending on the disease, single or double lung transplant is performed. The surgical process will be performed under general anaesthesia. The doctor will make a large incision in the chest and removes the infected lung with a healthy one. The surgery usually takes 6 to 10 hours which depends whether it is single or double lung transplant. Some people undergoing lung transplant will need to go on cardiopulmonary bypass during the surgery. During this process, oxygen enrich blood is pumped by a machine, rather than by the heart and lungs. 

    Post Transplant Care

    After the surgery, proper care is needed for best results. The team of experts do the follow up care which involves monitoring of the recovery process and checking for infection, rejection and medicine intolerance. It also includes monthly scheduled visits to doctor and various test, x-ray and lung function studies. The expert consultants, physical therapist and dietician will follow continuous care for safe recovery.


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