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A liver transplant is a surgery in which a diseased liver is replaced with a healthy one. Liver is a vital organ of the body as it serves many critical functions such as metabolism of drugs and toxins, synthesis of protein etc. Any disorder in liver function or malfunctioning of liver can cause health issues. Liver transplant surgery is best for long-term survival for patients with end-stage liver disease. There are many specialized surgeons or liver transplant doctors who perform liver transplant in Hyderabad. The team of experts offer the best results with high liver transplant success rate. Also, liver transplant cost in Hyderabad is very affordable than other places.

Who Needs a Liver transplant?

Liver transplant surgery replaces a failing or diseased liver with healthy liver. Those who require liver transplant may have :

Acute Liver Failure : When the healthy liver suffers massive injury and can be caused due to acetaminophen overdose, viral infections or drug reactions.

Chronic liver failure: Severe injury and repair for a long time scars the liver permanently. It can cause cirrhosis. Though medications can decrease the symptoms but liver transplant seems the permanent cure.

Other cases of liver transplant in India are those who have liver cancer, benign liver tumours or hereditary diseases.

Signs and Symptoms of Decompensated Liver Disease

Gastrointestinal bleeding: The continuous scarring of liver and the resistance to blood flow increases the pressure in the portal venous system. As a result, small veins get enlarged and causes bleeding in gastrointestinal tract .

Fluid retention: Liver functions in protein synthesis. During liver failure, low albumin levels force fluid out of the bloodstream and it can’t be re-absorbed. This fluid accumulates in tissues and body cavities and causes fluid retention.

Jaundice: Liver functions in the elimination of the degraded products of hemoglobin. Healthy liver process and excretes bilrubin. When liver fails, bilirubin is not cleared from the body that increase its level in the blood causing Jaundice.

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    Who Are Not Candidates for a Liver Transplant

    Not everyone with cirrhosis and decompensated liver disease can undergo liver transplantation at a liver transplant hospital in Hyderabad. People with below listed conditions are generally not considered for liver transplantation.

    The doctor performs evaluation doing physical exam and tests and then decides whether you need a orthotopic liver transplant or not. 

    Types of Organ Donors

    Liver Transplant Operation

    The operation at a liver transplant hospital in Hyderabad involves the removal of diseased liver and implantation of the donor or healthy liver. After placing the healthy liver, the surgeon reconnects inferior vena cava, the portal vein, the hepatic artery and the bile duct for blood flow and to drain bile from the liver. The blood will then start flowing to new liver.

    The sequence of steps for liver transplant procedure are:

    After successful liver transplant, people can easily go back to their normal daily activities. Though getting back the strength will take some time but it can be resumed following healthy lifestyle. Our cost for liver transplant in Hyderabad is very affordable which becomes the deciding factor for people who are in need of a successful liver transplant. 


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