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Heart Transplant in Hyderabad 

Heart transplant in Hyderabad is a surgical operation in which a diseased or failing heart is replaced with a healthier heart. The condition of many people with cardiac issues do not improve with medications or surgeries then they have to undergo heart transplant surgery. It is a major operation and proper care is needed for best results.

Why it’s done

Heart transplant procedure is done only when other treatments for heart problems do not work which can cause heart failure. It can be caused due to:

Factors that affects the eligibility for a heart transplant

A heart transplant isn’t the right treatment for everyone. There are few factors that affect your eligibility for not being a good candidate for a heart transplant. These are:

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    Complications of surgery

    Heart transplant surgery requires open heart surgery that can cause many complications such as bleeding, infection, clotting, stroke etc.

    Risks of having a heart transplant 

    Though a donor heart can save your life still there are many risk associated with the transplant.

    Rejection of the donor heart: The most significant risk after a heart transplant is the rejection of donor heart by the body. The immune system recognize donor heart as a foreign object and as a result it attacks the donor heart.

    Issues with coronary arteries : Post heart transplant, the wall of the arteries may expand and get thick which can lead to cardiac allograft vasculopathy (CAV). It makes difficulty in blood circulation and can cause a heart attack or failure, abnormal heart rhythms (arrhythmias) or sudden cardiac death.

    Medication side effects: The immunosuppressants given after the transplant can cause kidney damage, increases cancer risk and other complications such as high blood pressure, osteoporosis or infections.

    How to prepare for Surgery

    The doctor will refer to a good center for heart transplant in Hyderabad for an evaluation. The evaluation includes physical examination, several tests, and checking of mental and emotional health. The doctor will also check whether you are healthy enough to undergo surgery and post-transplant treatments.

    What you can expect During the procedure

    Heart transplant surgery

    Heart transplant surgery is an open heart transplant in which healthy heart is replaced removing the diseased one. The heart transplant process is a complicated and takes time. You’ll be given medication to make you sleep (general anesthesia) before the procedure. The doctor will connect you to a heart-lung bypass machine so that the oxygen-rich blood can flow throughout the body. During the orthotopic heart transplant, the surgeon will make an incision in your chest. Then by separating the chest bone and opening the rib cage the doctor performs heart transplant operation.   

    Heart transplant procedure

    The surgeon then removes the diseased heart and places the donor heart. The next step involves the attachment of major blood vessels to the donor heart. As soon as the blood flow is restored the new heart will start beating. After the surgery, you will be given heart transplant medications to help with pain. 


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