Tips for Minimising Glucose Fluctuations in Diabetics
  • Avoid Coffee, Black tea, Green tea, Energy drinks and Artificial Sweeteners
  • Avoid pizza, Dry Fruits, French fries, and other fast foods rich in carbs and fat
  • Drink sufficient water and other recommended fluids to stay hydrated particularly during infections
  • See the doctor if aren’t getting better from sickness for more than 2 days
  • Learn to relax with deep breathing and exercise and try distracting yourself from stressors
  • Keep your cravings for carbs to minimum or away completely; instead Increase dietary fibre intake
  • Minimise the usage of steroids, diuretics and antidepressants
  • Know the side effects of cold medicines & birth control pills before you buy them
  • Be physically active with all possible house hold activities including shopping groceries
  • Include plain and unsweetened yogurt with probiotics part of your daily diet
  • Try to be on a Continuous Glucose Monitor or Check levels regularly
  • A fibre rich snack before bed should help to fight glucose dip during sleep
  • A fibre rich snack before exercise should help to fight glucose dip
  • Keep your alcohol intake at bay; or consume not more than one drink in a day
  • Stay indoors when it is hot and drink water to avoid dehydration
  • Check with your doctor if need hormone therapy
  • Prefer to eat foods with low glycaemic index

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