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Sleep apnea is a respiratory disorder in which breathing stops unknowingly while sleeping. This disease is treated by pulmonologist by conducting full-fledged treatments. Obstructive sleep apnea treatment is conducted after careful examination of the sleeping habits of patients. For general cases, obstructive sleep apnea treatment may include lifestyle changes, surgeries, therapies. Lifestyle changes include losing weight, exercising daily, avoiding alcohol and sleeping pills. In cases where the condition is too unstable, a doctor may conduct therapy and surgery.

The basic sleep apnea treatment options include surgery, weight management, avoiding sleeping pills and alcohol, wearing dental appliance, sleeping position therapy. In cases where a person doesn’t wish to have the CPAP ( wearing a mask ) i.e.sleep apnea treatment without cpap then they can also opt for the above mentioned alternative treatment for sleep apnea. There are 2 latest sleep apnea treatment options available. Hypoglossus Nerve Stimulation (HNS) and Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure (EPAP) are the new sleep apnea treatment alternates available which can help in treating sleep apnea. In HNS a device is placed inside the chest of the patient which he can control by switching it on & off. This device will monitor the respiration while the person is sleeping. In EPAP uses disposable valves which can be placed on the nose while sleeping to help monitor the continuous breathing of sleep apnea patients. Mild sleep apnea treatment options can be done by yourself only. These include weight management, change in sleeping positions, exercise, and avoiding sleeping pills. Surgeries and therapies are performed in cases of severe sleep apnea treatment.  

The most effective an best treatment for sleep apnea is CPAP, this is basically a mask which helps in blowing air while sleeping in order to look after the breathing process while the patient is sleeping. Apart from these old treatment options, the latest treatment for sleep apnea includes Hypoglossus Nerve Stimulation and Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure described in detail in the above paragraph. The treatment for snoring and sleep apnea varies according to the condition of the patients. In cases of mild sleep apnea, alternate ways can be opted such as weight management, exercise, avoiding sleeping pills and many more. On the contrary in cases of severe sleep apnea doctors have to conduct various therapies and surgeries on the patients in order to treat them properly.

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Sleep Apnea Treatment

Treating sleep apnea can be classified into 3 categories that are Self-care, Supportive care, Surgery.
In self-care comes physical exercises and weight management. Supportive care consists of CPAP and airway management. The final category often conducted in cases of severe sleep apnea conditions comes surgery and medication. Sleep apnea is curable when diagnosed early as its possible to treat it with self-care only. With the latest technological development, it has become easier to treat even the cases of severe sleep apnea conditions. There are many hospitals and pulmonologist which can help you treat the sleep apnea disorder effectively. The treatment of sleep apnea is available easily nowadays but it should be diagnosed on time in order to curb the damage.

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