COPD Treatment


COPD is a chronic pulmonary disease. It is caused due to blockage in the air tubes of your lungs which carry air. COPD is not curable but it does have some treatments to control the disorder and increasing the life expectancy of the patient. COPD treatment includes no smoking, avoiding ling irritants, taking medication regularly and on time and vaccines. Bronchitis treatment includes self-care and cough medications. There are some remedies which can help you control your cough and saving you from getting to the chronic stage. Acute bronchitis treatment includes rest, avoiding caffeine, medications for a cough and increasing humidity in your home. Chronic bronchitis treatment includes nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, analgesic, narcotic and cough medicine. 

Allergic bronchitis treatment includes bronchodilators, steroids, oxygen therapy, humidifier, pulmonary rehabilitation, breathing techniques, and vaccines. Treatment for copd in the elderly includes flu shots, pneumococcal vaccine, protein therapy, bronchodilators, and surgery. In cases of elderly, the treatment is done more carefully as the body reacts slowly to the medications. bronchodilator, formoterol, theophylline are the COPD and asthma treatments used most commonly. The best asthma and COPD treatment is medication. Some of the most common medicines used to cure COPD are aclidinium, arformoterol, formoterol, indacaterol, olodaterol. These should only be taken after the prescription by doctors.  

Advanced COPD treatment involves flu and pneumonia shots, inhaler and bronchodilators. COPD wheezing treatment includes oxygen therapy. This therapy helps in reliving the shortness in breathe. Many times COPD is misdiagnosed. Often people who smoke are told that they have COPD and all they have in actuality is a minor lunge disorder. A proper and prompt diagnosis must be done of COPD in order to treat it well. There are various tests which are performed to diagnose COPD. Lung function tests, chest X-ray, CT scan, Arterial blood tests are the tests which are performed to diagnose COPD. COPD diagnosis and treatment is available in almost every hospital nowadays. 

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Copd treatment

Treatment for COPD includes avoiding smoking, medications, bronchodilators, inhaled steroids, oral steroids, and antibiotics. Depending on the condition of the patient the treatment may vary. COPD is a chronic disease and hence it should be cured properly. There are several self-care and medical treatments available today for COPD which can help you curb the infection. This condition occurs when there is some kind of damage in the lungs due to infection. Though this disease cannot be cured it can be taken care of. Rescue inhalers often help patients control the symptoms of COPD. The most common method of treating COPD is self-care and supportive care. In self-care one can perform physical exercises and avoid smoking to ensure the stability of the lungs. In supportive care, an oxygen therapy is provided to the patient to help them restore normal breathing process and avoiding the severe condition. If you see early symptoms such as a chronic cough, shortness of breath, fatigue you must get yourself diagnosed in order to detect COPD at early stages. It is easier to cure COPD at the early stage rather than sever stage.

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