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Pediatric cardiac surgery treatment in hyderabad

Department of paediatric heart surgery is specialised in treating minor to major or severe heart defects in infants, toddlers and adolescents for improving the health and wellbeing of the child. Depending on the medical condition and severity the surgery is either performed soon after the birth or at a later stage. Also, these cardiac surgeries are either completed in one go or may demand a series of procedures phased at different time points.

Best paediatric cardiac surgery specialist in hyderabad

Virinchi resourced top paediatric cardiac surgery surgeons who are well trained and highly experienced in treating both congenital and acquired heart conditions affecting coronary arteries, heart valves, heart muscle and heart chambers. Best of our best pediatric cardiac surgeons offer pediatric cardiac treatments through thorough diagnostic evaluation, precise diagnosis and treatment for best and outstanding outcomes with highest success rates. As one of the best hospital for paediatric heart surgery, virinchi’s state of the art cardiology infrastructure, dedicated and well contained intensive care units help our surgeons to provide best pediatric heart care. Additionally we offer our round the clock services during and following the surgery through a dedicated and multidisciplinary team of specialists including paediatric cardiologist, paediatric interventional cardiologists, and paediatric cardiothoracic surgeons along with anaesthetists, intensivists and pulmonologists.

Our pediatric heart surgeons top the list of specialists with diverse experience who contributed unmatched clinical services over the past years to critically ill pediatric patients. With technological developments and dedicated team of pediatric cardiovascular surgeon, virinchi hospitals could offer paramount medical care for our paediatric patients with minimal surgical trauma and insignificant postsurgical complications from birth till adulthood and therefore could achieve a gallant status as the best pediatric cardiac surgery treatment hospital in hyderabad.

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    Treatment of congenital heart diseases

    Over the years medical advancements and intervention through our highly experienced specialists had propelled the paediatric cardiac surgery to empower the infants born with any of the congenital heart defect thrive like a regular child through medications, minimally invasive surgeries, open heart surgeries, catheter procedures and rarely heart transplants in severe cases.

    Treatment of heart failure in children

    Though medications provide relief in the initial phases, heart failure due to congenital condition would eventually demand surgical interventions. Paediatric interventional cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and electrophysiologists at virinchi perform a comprehensive evaluation of the underlying cause and implant resynchronisation or defibrillation devices to improve the condition. Temporary support with ECMO (Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) in myocardiatis leading to heart failure leads to complete recovery.

    Treatment of infective pericarditis in children

    With superior diagnostic expertise and early drainage helped in significantly lowering the mortality percentage of our paediatric patients suffering from infective bacterial pericarditis. Rarely recurrent and chronic bacterial pericarditis cases are dealt through pericardectomy with best preoperative planning, early surgical intervention and superior post-operative care for.

    Treatment of coronary heart disease in children

    Best of our paediatric interventional cardiologists and paediatric cardiothoracic surgeons diagnose the extent of the blockage using advanced imaging technologies and take a decision on either stent grafting through percutaneous intervention of stenosed coronary arteries; or bypassing severely stenosed arteries either through minimally invasive key hole surgery or open heart coronary artery bypass grafting (cabg) procedures.

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