Tennis Elbow


Tennis elbow is also known as lateral epicondylitis. It is a painful condition which is caused due to the overuse of the elbow. The people who are involved in tennis and other racquet sports are likely to have this condition by continues use and force applied by the elbow. But you should be careful enough as rather than sports any other activity can also cause a painful elbow and treatment for tennis elbow pain is necessary.

Causes of Tennis Elbow

The tennis elbow is mainly caused due to the damage to the particular forearm muscle. The other cause of the tennis elbow is when extensor carpi radialis brevis (ECRB) gets weakened due to overuse and microscopic tear are formed in the tendons due to which inflammation and pain occurs and need treatment for tennis elbow tendonitis.

The recreational activities also cause tennis elbow who have vigorous use of elbow muscle. Painters and plumber are more prone to this condition. The people of age 30 to 50 have the risk of tennis elbow.

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    Symptoms of Tennis Elbow

    The symptoms are seen gradually where pain begins slowly and with time get worsens. The most common symptoms include burning in the outer part of the elbow and the grip strength gets weak. Holding a racquet, turning the wrench and shaking hands increase the tennis elbow symptoms and treatment should be taken at the right time.

    Proper Examination by a Doctor

    Doctors with their knowledge and experience examine properly to know about your condition and suggest tennis elbow treatment options. The examination is about your routine activities such as occupational factors or sports participation. While diagnosis you should give a correct explanation about the place where the pain occurs to get the correct treatment.

    Additional tests such as X-rays, ultrasound, MRI or EMG will be asked by your doctor to diagnose the cause of the problem and begin the treatment.

    Treatment of Tennis Elbow

    What is the best treatment for tennis elbow? The best treatment for tennis elbow has two options depending upon the intensity of your pain:


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