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So do you like playing sports? If yes then you should be prepared for some injuries. Not all but some children and even adults may have sports injuries while exercising or participating in sports. You tend to have sports injuries if you are not regularly active for a various different or a particular sport. Also, if you don’t have a proper habit to warm up before the exercise or before starting up the sport and if you play contact sports than you may get any of the sports injuries.

Any part of your body can get injured while playing sports and that’s why you should be very careful and protect yourself from injuries. The musculoskeletal system is mostly injured and should be treated at the correct time for the improvement.

Types of sport injuries

Different types of symptoms are seen in different sports injuries. Let us see some of the injuries which may happen while playing sports:


The sprains are due to overstretching and tearing of the ligaments. The ligaments are nothing but small pieces of tissues that connect two bones with each other.


The tearing and overstretching of the muscles or tendons are referred to as strains. Here, tendons are thick and fibrous tissues that join the bone to the muscles.

Knee injuries

The change in the movement of the knee which results into pain is referred to as knee injuries and it is well examined by the sports injury doctor whether it is an injury in the muscles or the tissues of the knee.


The painful and weak swollen muscle due to an injury is known as swelling.


The bone which gets broken is the one with a fracture.


When a bone gets dislocated in your body part then it is known as dislocation and needs to be treated well with the help of sport injury specialists.

Rotator cuff injury

The rotator cuff is the one which keeps moving your muscle and a tear in any of its muscle can cause damage in the shoulder muscle.

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Sport injury treatments

The sports injury treatment from any type of sports injury is needed to heal your injury and continue playing your sport.

This is the RICE method of treating our self from sports injuries but they are proved helpful only for mild injuries. If you undergo this simple treatment under 24 to 36 hour after the injury surely you may see the best result.

But if the injury is severe that is too much swelling and pain, visible lumps, and bumps, crunching sound while moving the joints, and instability then visiting a sports injury doctor or sports injury specialist is a must. Also, when you feel hard to breathe and dizziness then again follow up to a doctor is all you should take into consideration. 

Recovery from a sports injury

Depending on the type of injury, the sports injury recovery takes place. It may take a day or a week or even months to recover yourself from the injury. It is preferred by the doctors to take complete rest until you are fully recovered to play your sports normally. Sports injury physio will let you know about gentle exercise and diet to recover fast.


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