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Fracture surgery is a complex procedure recommended to people suffering from numbness in hands or legs, weakness in hand or legs, or severe pain in lower back or neck. Spinal fracture surgery is advised in cases when these weaknesses or pain are very severe, and are not responding to preliminary treatments. At first, pain reliever medicine may be prescribed. If medication doesn’t yield the desired fracture care, physical therapies or steroid injections may be the next alternate. When all these methods fail to relieve pain, a bone fracture surgery may be recommended. 

Cause of pain in spine

The spine is made up of a series of bones, called vertebrae, which are stacked upon each other like blocks with a cushion called disc in between the blocks. The discs are flat round cushioning pads made up of very strong tissues, with a soft gel like center and a tough outer layer. The disc acts as a shock absorbent for the spine.
The spine can experience a severe pain due to the following reasons:

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Types of spine surgery

There are different types of spinal fracture surgery depending upon the cause and nature of pain in the spine. Every method had its own pros and cons associated with it. 


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