Surgery for spinal tuberculosis


Pott’s disease commonly referred to as spine tuberculosis is a form of tuberculosis that usually appears outside the lungs, and can affect several tissues outside the lungs including the spine. It has been a major cause of concern for mankind for hundreds of years now. And experts are on their search for finding the most effective treatment for the same.

Furthermore, looking at how archaic this disease is, it is essential to know more about the symptoms and available treatment. Because only a proper awareness can save a life from this life threatening disease.

Symptoms of Pott Disease

Pott’s disease is usually located in the upper spine. It may rise like a normal fever and then may increase in severity. It is usually beneficial to detect tb spine symptoms in the initial stage only, the symptoms include,

If the tb spine symptoms remain undetected and condition worsens, it becomes difficult for the patient to even stand and walk properly. Slowly, the patients start feeling numbness in legs and in worse case curvature of spine and paralysis of leg may happen.

Spinal Tuberculosis Treatment

Fortunately, if detected soon, treatment can do wonders to save the patient from any deformity or severe nerve damage. The most effective spinal tuberculosis treatment available is spinal tuberculosis surgery in which affected disc is replaced by artificial one and antibiotics are prescribed to treat the Mtb infection. Moreover, now that the people are much more aware about it, public health measures are taken and anti-tb drugs are been developed to fight the disease.

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    Bone TB Symptoms

    The major sites affected in bone tb are spine and weight bearing joints. It is a serious condition since it destroys the thoracic and leads to bone deformity. It is extremely important to detect bone tb symptoms as soon as possible.

    Bone tb is a curable condition if detected soon. So, it is extremely important to have proper knowledge about the condition and symptoms of the same.

    Bone TB Treatment

    If the symptoms are detected on time, even the most severe side effects of bone tuberculosis can be reversed with proper medication and care. In selected cases, bone tb surgery might be sorted as the last resort. Laminectomy is a surgery where a part of vertebrae is removed surgically. However, medication and anti-tb drugs remain to be the first line of treatment and the course can last from 6-18 months.


    Pott’s disease and bone tuberculosis is much of a concern in developing nations. While the risk is much less in developed countries, the symptoms are still to watch out for. So, do not forget to seek for surgical intervention if you find symptoms closer to any of these diseases.


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