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The arthroscopic knee surgery in which the lining structures and the abnormal bones are replaced surgically is known as joint replacement surgery. The joints are renewed by adding new parts in their place. The new part is usually made up of some special metal or plastic or in some of the special case, it is used as a specific type of carbon-coated implants.

The arthroscopic shoulder surgery is useful when other less invasive surgery did not prove effective for the treatment of severe joint pain or dysfunction. With this arthroscopic knee surgery torn meniscus, the pain will be removed and the new parts added will help to move the joint with a little or no pain. The joint replacement surgery in Hyderabad has improved the pain of finger joints, knuckle joint, wrist joints and hip and knee replacement with the help of their trained and experienced doctors. 

Before the surgical procedure

Before the arthroscopic knee surgery arthritis, the surgeon will ask to perform some of the blood tests and do other health check-ups to make sure you a good candidate for the arthroscopic knee surgery meniscus.  

You can ask for doubts to your surgeon for any confusion about the arthroscopic knee surgery recovery. The joint replacement surgery in Hyderabad have surgeons who give detailed instruction about the surgery and help you to understand all the complications and risk factors involved in the arthroscopic knee surgery for osteoarthritis. 

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The procedure of joint replacement surgery

The total joint replacement surgery takes a few hours to complete the replacement procedure. It is an outpatient surgery and is performed in the hospital as well. By anesthesia, the part of the body undergoing joint replacement is numbed and small incisions are made for the removal of the damaged cartilage and bone.

A prosthetic component which gives the same impression of the shape and movement of the removed bone. In this way, the damaged socket is removed with the help of implantation into the pelvis. The joint replacement surgery cost 2 lakh to 3.5 lakh and it has proved effective to most of the arthritis patients.

Recovery from the surgery

After the operation, some kind of pain and swelling is seen for few days as the muscles around the joints are weak. Your surgeon will give you instructions to use your new joint shortly after the surgery. Sometimes it is hard to follow the instruction but it helps you to recover fast.

The doctors performing the joint replacement in Hyderabad gives the best recovery exercises and various therapies for the strengthening of bone and to restore the movement of the joint. 

Most of the people are today performing their daily activities successfully so that they require minimum arthroscopic shoulder surgery recovery time and are living a quality life with an improved health.


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