Arthroscopic surgery for knee, shoulder, hip and ankle


Arthroscopy is a surgical procedure in which the orthopaedic surgeon examines and treats the trouble in the joints. Arthroscopic surgery is safe and helps to improve the pain in various joints and such related problems. In this surgery, the orthopaedic surgeon makes a small incision in the skin and then to see the structure of the joint a pencil-sized instrument (arthroscope) consisting small lens and lightning system is inserted through the incision. With this instrument the orthopaedic illuminates the problem as an extended structure of the joint is seen on a miniature TV attached to the arthroscope.

Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

Arthroscopy knee surgery is done to diagnose and treat the problems in the knee joint. It is a surgical procedure in which a small incision is made and the small instrument arthroscope is inserted into your knee and many problems can be treated like Arthroscopic knee surgery torn meniscus etc. 

The method is advanced and fast, unlike the normal surgery which takes hours to complete. As it is a surgical procedure arthroscopic knee surgery meniscus consists of risk but positive outlooks are seen in the patients after the surgery. Many people have experienced this arthroscopic knee surgery for osteoarthritis and have seen good results.

Risks involved are as follows:
The arthroscopic knee surgery recovery time depends upon how we take care of our self. For quick recovery, the orthopaedic can recommend you ice pack.

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    Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery

    In order to illuminate and repair the tissue around and in the shoulder arthroscopic shoulder surgery is used. With the incision on the shoulder, arthroscope examines and repair the damaged tissue or the muscle.
    Potential complications are,

    Although the procedure gives you quick recovery, it takes about few weak for your shoulder joint to recover.

    Arthroscopic Hip Surgery

    The arthroscopic hip surgery is done for hip joints problems. It is also known as hip scope. The orthopaedic examine and treat by the lens and the lightning system of the arthroscope. This reliable technique takes about an hour to fit the hip joints and is preferred by majority of the patients.

    Possible risks,
    After waking up from sedation and getting over through anesthesia you will feel quite uncomfortable the same day. After that with proper care and physical therapy, you will recover in few weeks.

    Arthroscopic Ankle Surgery

    When you have debris in your ankle due to cartilage or bone chip then your orthopaedic will ask you to go for arthroscopic ankle surgery. The procedure with the help of arthroscope is quick and gives you a comfortable experience and few scars.
    Risks involved are,
    Your orthopaedic will give you a list of physical exercise for faster recovery. For a week or two complete bed rest will result in better results of the surgery.


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