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Arthritis, a disease that is common and worldwide is often misunderstood. A lot of people consider it to be one disease, which is not the case; it is actually an informal way of referring to all types of joint pain and diseases. There are as many as 100 different types of arthritis and related conditions.

It can affect people of different ages and sexes. But the prevalence is more common in women and chances of a person developing arthritis increases as the person gets older.

There are many types of arthritis but some are more common than the others. They are:

  • Osteoarthritis: This is the most common type of arthritis that happens when joints are overused over a long period of time. The most common symptoms include deep pain while walking, morning stiffness, trouble in doing routine activities like bending, combing, dressing, climbing stairs etc.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis:It is an autoimmune disease; in this immune system attacks parts of the body, mostly joints, leading to inflammation. It affects knuckles, elbows, or heels. Most common symptoms are; pain, stiffness, swelling etc. An effective rheumatoid arthritis treatment becomes only plausible option to relieve the symptoms.
  • Lupus:Another type of autoimmune disease that can affect joints and many organs in one’s body. This condition is more common in women of childbearing age. Symptoms include: Pain, fatigue, hair loss, mouth sores, chest pain, sun sensitivity, rashes etc.
  • Psoriatic arthritis:People suffering from this get inflammation of the skin and joints. It can swell the fingers and toes. Patients would often have discolored and pitted fingernails. Psoriatic arthritis treatment can help relieve such symptoms.
  • Gout:Caused by a buildup of uric acid crystals in one’s joint. Mostly, this joint is either the big toe or some other part of the foot. Symptoms include; stiffness, discomfort, intense joint pain etc.

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Treatment for Rheumatoid arthritis in hands

Rheumatoid arthritis can attack any joint of your body including hand joints. One may feel hand pain, finger pain, stiffness, swelling, tingling and even numbness in hands. Thus, treatment for rheumatoid arthritis in hands becomes absolutely necessary.

Medications are available to ease such pain, slow bone loss, and reduce inflammation. It is necessary to keep an open eye for rheumatoid arthritis signs, symptoms and arthritis knee treatment.   

The most common types of arthritis treatment are:

  • These drugs have similar effect as cortisone that is made by our body; to control inflammation.
  • Analgesics:This common drug is used for most of the arthritis treatment. It’s used purely for the pain relief. It targets both pains and inflammation.
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs:NSAID’s are another type of pain relief medication that can be easily obtained even without the prescription.
  • Biologic response modifier: These latest drugs are especially used in rheumatoid arthritis treatment. These agents block a step in the inflammation without slowing down the immune system.
  • Osteoporosis medications:These augment the body’s capacity to form new bones and slow the bone loss.

Neck arthritis treatment

Cervical Spondylosis or neck arthritis is a common condition that results in deterioration of the discs, ligaments, and vertebrae in the neck or cervical spine.

It may cause swollen neck joints, pain in the limbs, neck stiffness, and in some cases loss of feeling and coordination. The neck arthritis treatment can be done through the se medications.

  • Muscle relaxants: Useful in case of neck spasms.
  • Antidepressants: Can help in case of persistent pain
  • Steroid injection: A trigger point, facet. or Epidural steroid injection that is given directly on neck can help in severe pain.
  • Surgery: If the person is suffering from persistent pain, muscle weakness, loss of bladder functions etc, surgery might be the last resort.

Gouty arthritis treatment

Occurrence of crystals in one’s joints due to gouty arthritis may lead to intense pain and stiffness.
Available Gouty arthritis treatment options are,

  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs:NSAID’s include most of the over-the-counter drugs like ibuprofen, Celebrex, Aleva etc.
  • Colchicine: It is a type of pain reliever that effectively reduces gout pain.
  • Corticosteroids: Such as Prednisone are prescribed to reduce gout pain and inflammation. They are available as pills as well as injections.
  • Medications that block uric acid production:In case, the patient suffers from gout attacks every year, he may be prescribed medicines like Probalan, Zurampic etc to limit the amount of uric acid that their body generates.

Foot and ankle arthritis treatment

Proper ankle arthritis treatment concentrates both on pain and joint deformity. It develops when the joint is injured. Once your doctor confirms the prevalence of such arthritis through X-rays and other examinations, he would mostly recommend you anti-inflammation medications, steroid injections, physical therapies, orthotics, and weight loss programmes.

In severe cases, surgery might become necessary to eliminate the painful motion.

Hip arthritis treatment

Hip arthritis is a progressive disorder. Treatment for arthritis pain is necessary as it increases with age and the condition worsens.

Non-surgical hip arthritic treatments are,

  • Maintaining healthy weight through controlled diet and exercise programmes.
  • Appropriate pain management by changing postures every now and then
  • Corticosteroids
  • Symptom modifying ant-rheumatic drugs
  • Anti-inflammatory medications.

Arthritis is much more common than one might want to admit. That is why, a good knowledge about arthritis treatment options is absolutely necessary.

May it be psoriatic arthritis treatment or alternative treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, an informed decision can save you from unnecessary pain.


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