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Sciatica is the pain that is caused by the vexation of the sciatic nerve. The pain is different for different people, it can be from mild to very severe. Sciatica is not really a medical condition, but a symptom of another nerve problem. Thankfully, best treatment for sciatica in Hyderabad has helped many in sciatica pain treatment. Though it is often compared to back pain but sciatica is not just confined to the back, it may run from the lower back passing through the buttocks and reach the calfs. Sciatica treatment depends on the symptoms. So, let us see what are the sciatica symptoms and treatment.


Though the range of pain in sciatica patients can be from moderate to quite severe, the symptoms are mostly common. The main indication of Sciatica is the shooting pain in the lower back region that goes from the buttocks to the back of the leg. There are some other symptoms too:
In many cases the pain can aggravate if the individual sits in one position for long.

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    Sciatica Pain Relief Treatment

    Many people who suffer from the Sciatica pain feel better with at-home treatments. In some cases when the pain is mild and tolerable, most doctors recommend non-surgical options such as:

    If you are experiencing the next level of pains then probably some over the counter medicines might be able to help. Your doctor may advise certain muscle-relaxants, that might prove to be the best treatment for sciatica pain.

    In cases where the patient is not relieved from the sciatica pain, the doctors may recommend surgery. The kind of surgical options advised is dependent on the cause of sciatica pain:

    Most patients consider surgery to be the best sciatic nerve pain treatment. 


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