Brain Tumor Treatment

What is a Brain Tumor?

A cluster or mass of abnormal cells in the brain can cause a brain tumor. The skull bones are very rigid, and any unusual growth inside the brain can be brain cancer causes (malignant) or noncancerous (benign) and therefore cause a lot of problems. Especially the malignant tumours, as they increase the pressure inside the brain and lead to brain damage, which is life threatening.

What are the risk factors for a Brain Tumor?

Brain Tumor risk factors can be as follows:

  • Family History
    Though only in 4-10% cases the cancer is inherited genetically, as it is infrequent to be so. The doctor must be informed if the patient has any cases of any brain tumor types in the family.
  • Age
    Like many other diseases an increase in age can surge brain tumor as well.
  • Race
    The individual’s race is also a risk factor as in Caucasians brain tumor is far more common than in African Americans.
  • Exposure to Chemicals
    An exposure to cancer causing chemicals can increase the risk for Brain Tumor causes.
  • Exposure to Radiation
    An exposure to ionizing radiation can also lead to a growing risk of brain tumors. Such radiation can be from a nuclear fallout or through high-radiation cancer therapies.
  • Chicken Pox
    As per the the American Brain Tumor Association, someone who had chicken pox in childhood is less likely to have brain tumor.

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What are the Brain Tumor symptoms?

The location and size of the tumor decide the Brain Tumor symptoms. Certain tumours cause damage by disrupting the brain tissue while some by putting pressure on the surrounding brain. The Brain Tumor symptoms are :

  • Headaches- Headache are the most common Brain Tumor symptom.
  • Worse in the morning
  • Can occur even in sleep
  • Can be accompanied by cough and sneezes or vomiting

Other Brain Tumor symptoms are:

  • Blurred vision
  • Seizures
  • Weakness in the limbs
  • Memory loss
  • Difficulty in reading and writing
  • Changes in cognitive abilities like hear, taste and smell
  • A drop in alertness
  • Drowsiness and loss of consciousness
  • Vertigo
  • Drooping eyelids and unequal pupils
  • Brain Tumor symptoms in men may include development of breast tissue
  • Brain Tumor symptoms in women may also include lack of menstruation

Brain cancer treatment

The Brain cancer treatment depends on the Brain Tumor causes and the type, size and location of the tumor. However, Brain Tumor surgery is the most common treatment for malignant brain tumors.  Though even for the most trained doctors, removing the tumor, without causing damage to the other healthy parts of the brain is rather difficult. But in many cases, partial removal of brain cancer also can be favourable. Other treatments like radiation therapy and chemotherapy are often combined with Brain Tumor surgery.


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