Kidneys are bean shaped organs located on either side of the spine in the abdominal cavity. They help to filter the blood and remove waste materials from the body. When this function is not carried out without causing any discomfort, then the kidneys well being needs to be diagnosed.

The initial stage of detecting any damage to any part of your body is feeling pain. Kidney pain usually occurs on one or both sides of your back but all such pain may not be always related to any kidney disorder.

Symptoms of kidney pain

  • Sharp pain which is related to the kidney seems to originate from deep inside the muscles in the upper back and sides.
  • If pain is accompanied by discomfort in urination such as pain during urination, foul and discolored urine, increase in tendency to urinate or blood in the urine then most probably some damage has been inflicted to the kidneys.
  • Some individuals may also suffer from fever and experience nausea and fatigue.

Kidney Pain Treatment

Different conditions such as kidney stones, kidney cyst, kidney infection or some injury to the kidneys may be causing pain in the kidney. The chronic kidney disease treatment depends upon the factor which leads to the pain; some pain may be mild which can be treated with medicines and a change in lifestyle while other require better kidney pain treatment. 

Kidney cyst

Kidney cyst may be one reason for the pain that discomforts you. It is a small pouch of thin walled tissue that gets filled with fluid and causes pain. The cause for it’s formation is not well known and it is usually associated with high blood pressure. Kidney cyst treatment can be treated either my medications or surgery; simple kidney cysts may also disappear on their own, but some may lead to chronic kidney disorder.  

Chronic kidney disease treatment

Chronic kidney disease means kidney failure; the kidney fails to function properly and thus waste materials begin to accumulate in the body causing complications. Symptoms are the same as any other kidney disease. Other medical conditions such as diabetes, polycystic kidney, high blood pressure also lead to it .Relief can be provided by treatment but a permanent cure for this disease doesn’t exist.

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Treatment of Chronic Kidney Disorder

  • Medications to control high blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • Rectifying unhealthy habits like drinking or smoking.
  • Dialysis
  • Kidney transplant (in serious cases)


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