Kidney Infection Treatment


Kidney infection is one of the causes which when left unchecked leads to chronic kidney diseases. It is a kind of urinary tract infection and needs to be treated immediately in order to cause further inconvenience.

Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary tract infection (commonly known as UTI) is a common infection caused by bacteria named E. coli; it is present in the bowel but didn’t cause any harm there but once it shifts upwards, it travels through the urethra all the way to the kidneys and may cause infection in any part of the urinary tract i.e. the kidneys, uterus, bladder and the urethra. Most of the time the bladder and the urethra are affected; this is known as lower tract infection; infection of the upper tract i.e kidneys and uterus is rare but a more serious condition. Female anatomy makes them more prone to UTIs as their urethra is shorter and the bacteria can quickly reach the upper parts of the urinary tract.

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    UTIs can generally be treated by using antibiotics; many home remedies may also be effective in mild kidney infection treatment.  

    Kidney Infection

    When bacteria travels to the kidneys, it causes kidney infection. A kidney infection may sometimes be mild but other factors such as diabetes, high blood pressure or kidney stones aggravate the condition and immediate uti kidney infection treatment is essential in such cases. A weak immune system or a prolonged health issue also makes one prone to kidney infections.

    In addition to the symptoms of the lower tract UTI, other symptoms of a kidney infection may include fever and chills, pus or blood in urine, extreme pain during urination, nausea and vomiting and pain in back or flank region. 

    Kidney Infection Treatment

    Mild cases require can be treated by medicines such as antibiotics and painkillers. It takes around two weeks for mild cases to be relieved provided cleanliness is maintained and the medications provided are strictly followed.

    In case of severe kidney infections, the patient needs to be hospitalized and the antibiotics are provided through a IV. If the kidney infection continues to return frequently, then you may have a disruptive urinary tract; a complete diagnosis by an urologist is necessary and surgery may also be required to be done in severe kidney infection treatment. 

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