Majority of the extra fluids, biochemical materials, minerals and waste products are filtered off through kidneys and excreted in the form of urine. Temporary or permanent dysfunction of the kidneys may limit the excretion and leads to build up of the undesirable materials in the body, leading to life threatening complications. In such circumstances, Hemofiltration or haemodialysis is performed twice or thrice in a week for couple of hours can get rid of the waste and excess materials.

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Just like haemodialysis, hemofiltration is renal replacement therapy and an extracorporeal process for patients suffering from poor kidney function / renal insufficiency caused by acute or chronic renal failure. Unlike haemodialysis which operates on diffusion principle and helps in removal of most of the smaller molecules, hemofiltration works on convection basis and removes both smaller and larger molecules such as myoglobin and cytokines during the filtration process.

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    The use of either haemodialysis of hemofiltration or a combination of both is at the discretion of the treating specialists based on diagnostic outcomes, clinical expertise, availability of the modality, clotting risk and overall cost.


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