Majority of the extra fluids, biochemical materials, minerals and waste products are filtered off through kidneys and excreted in the form of urine. Temporary or permanent dysfunction of the kidneys may limit the excretion and leads to build up of the undesirable materials in the body, leading to life threatening complications. In such circumstances, Dialysis performed twice or thrice in a week for couple of hours can get rid of the waste and excess materials in exchange of dialysis of fluid. Haemodialysis is an extracorporeal process of filtering blood for patients suffering from poor kidney function / renal insufficiency caused by acute or chronic renal failure.

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    Virinchi Hospitals – Haemodialysis hospital in Hyderabad

    Virinchi Hospitals provides full spectrum of haemodialysis services with comprehensive care to its patients. Through our dialysis centre, we offer round the clock & scheduled haemodialysis treatment for our patients with the help of advanced dialysis units and experienced support staff. Best of our nephrologists / haemodialysis doctors evaluate the patients thoroughly before starting the dialysis and monitor them continuously on their progress and counselling regarding Kidney Transplant live on cadaveric and in case of AKI-F with recovery of Kidney function withdrawal dialysis is advised. In patients with poor AVF / Vascular access for haemodialysis, procedures like permcath placement is done. Large vein catheter placement is done by experienced Doctors when patient had to be initiated Dialysis in emergency situations round the clock.

    High Impact Interventions are put in practice in renal haemodialysis to avoid contaminations while implementing evidence based & audited practices, patient education on infection control and decontamination of environment & devices.

    Patient education is provided for at home dialysis and self-management care required during the dialysis regimen.


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