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Hemorrhoids are masses and clumps of blood tissues and fibers present in the anal canal (piles are hemorrhoids hat have become inflamed over time). The two terms piles and hemorrhoids are synonymous to the same (or similar disease). Piles is an uncomfortable disorder which is characterized by the inflammation of the anal canal. The inflammation is caused when the muscle tissues present in the anal canal become infected and swollen and thus pressurize the rectum; their collection over a period of time causes the medical condition of piles. Other factors that lead to piles include chronic constipation (that makes passing stool difficult), persistent diarrhea , heavy exercises, obesity or pregnancy, sedentary lifestyle, constant sitting for long duration, dehydration etc.

Piles can be of two types: internal piles and external piles. Internal piles is inflammation caused within the rectum; it can’t be seen or felt. The characteristic symptom is usually bleeding. External piles is inflammation around the anus, just under the skin and can be felt; they hurt as well as bleed. Each case is separated into different grades on the basis of the symptoms and their severity.


  • Bleeding during bowel movements accompanied with discomfort
  • Itching in or around anus
  • Swelling around the anus
  • Lump that can be felt

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Piles often go away on their own or are eased by some home remedies as well, but severe cases may require surgery.

The piles treatment varies based on the fact whether it is internal or external. 

Internal hemorrhoids treatment can be done by using appropriate drugs and a change in diet plan which requires essential uptake of fibrous food. If internal hemorrhoids is not affected by medicines, then surgery may become unavoidable. Prompt surgery is required in case of severe cases.  

The external hemorrhoid treatment tries to relieve the pain due to swelling of the skin around the anus; ice packs and hemorrhoid creams are used for relief. If the case is serious, surgery is the option available for treatment.  

Surgical operation requires removal of the hemorrhoids either by conventional methods or by the new laser technology. Laser surgery takes only a few minutes and patients can be discharged the same day. This surgery doesn’t require the infected tissues to be cut , rather they are destroyed by the laser rays effectively.

Prolapsed hemorrhoid is a condition in which the external or internal hemorrhoids bulge out of the anal opening. This causes discomfort during different daily activities. Simple cases reduce on their own by home remedies as well but surgery is done to remove bigger and painful lumps. 

Bleeding hemorrhoids indicates damage to the lining of the hemorrhoids. This condition can be treated by using moist wipes, taking warm bath, and avoiding applying pressure during passing stools. (Rectal bleeding can be a symptom of various diseases and therefore proper diagnosis by experienced healthcare providers is necessary. Self-diagnosis can be dangerous. )

Home remedies treatment

Piles can be treated at home quite easily if prompt action is taken for its relief. The best treatment for piles are aimed to just relieve the symptoms and the condition will clear on its own. The best home treatment for piles are:   

  • Ease the swelling by warm baths, applying coconut oil (this reduces the itching and controls the urge to scratch) or ice packs.
  • Consumption or application of castor oil helps reduce the size of piles.
  • Applying aloe vera can ease the swelling.
  • Consumption of triphala powder helps to have smooth bowel movements thus preventing constipation and reducing strain while passing stools.
  • Increase uptake of fluids and fibrous food to help keep the stools soft which makes passing them easier.
  • Avoid spicy food.


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