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The inflammation of sinus linings due to viral infection is called Sinusitis. The sinuses are small, air-filled cavities present behind the cheekbones and forehead. These cavities produce mucus that drains into the nose through small channels. When the channels get blocked due to the inflammation of sinus linings, the condition is called sinusitis and can sometimes only be cured through sinus treatment in Hyderabad. 

Though, sinusitis with mild symptoms can be treated at home but if the condition does not improves or gets worse then you need to look for best sinus treatment in hyderabad. The surgeon can perform the effective sinus infection treatment to treat it well.So, make sure to choose the best hospital for sinus surgery in hyderabad.

What causes sinusitis?

Sinusitis occurs when cold or flu virus spread in the lining of sinuses. Though the exact cause of sinusitis is not known but it can occur due to:

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    Signs and symptoms

    Some common symptoms for sinusitis treatment in Hyderabad are:

    Quitting smoking also helps to improve your cough.

    When to see your GP

    There is no need to see your GP if you experience mild symtoms, but you need to consult GP when

    Your GP can diagnose sinusitis from the symptoms and by examining the inside of your nose. For severe or recurrent sinusitis, they may refer you to an ENT specialist for further assessment. Make sure you choose best hospital for sinus surgery in Hyderabad.  

    Sinusitis Treatment in Hyderabad

    Sinusitis is a viral infection which clears on its own, so usually there is no need to see GP. But if the condition is severe or doesn’t improve (chronic sinusitis), then you need to consult a specialist for chronic sinus treatment in Hyderabad.
    For mild symptoms, you can take care of yourself following these tips : 

    However, if the symptoms don’t improve or are getting worse then you need to have proper sinusitis treatment or surgery. Virinchi Hospitals are the best hospital for sinus surgery in Hyderabad. 


    The doctor will recommend for sinus treatment in Hyderabad only if the condition is severe or becoming worse with time. Sinusitis surgery called functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) is recommended to improve the mucus drainage from the sinuses. The process FESS is usually done under general anaesthesia. During the process, the surgeon will insert an endoscope (thin tube to magnify the inside of nose)into the nose. Through it, the surgeon can see the opening of your sinuses and insert small surgical instruments. Then the surgeon will either: 


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