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Kidney failure may be of two types : acute kidney failure and chronic kidney failure. During diagnosis, the health practitioner may question you if you have high blood pressure or heart conditions or diabetes or even there has been a case of kidney disease in your family history.

Acute kidney failure implies that the kidneys have been damaged suddenly or the damage may have developed over a short period of time that is why this condition is also called acute kidney injury. Anyone can get a sudden kidney injury but it usually happens to people who are already sick, have high blood pressure or heart disease or if the kidney is suddenly injured by an accident.


Symptoms of acute kidney failure are usually not distinct enough to be noticed. But all the symptoms that are related to a kidney disease such as : foul smelling urine, not enough urine, swelling in feet, feeling breathless or fatigue etc. can be associated with acute kidney failure. In severe cases of acute kidney failure, the patient may have seizure or fall into coma.

This condition is usually reversible if timely action is taken. If diagnosed with it, the treatment for acute kidney failure may comprise of the following:

Chronic kidney failure is the actual kidney failure that is known as a life threatening disease. It develops gradually over quite a long period of time. One or both kidney may fail to perform the required functions such as filtering of the blood, formation of the RBCs, removal of waste products in the form of urine etc. If one kidney fails, the situation can be controlled by acute kidney failure treatment but in case both the kidneys are damaged, then a kidney transplant becomes absolutely necessary for the survival of the patient. 

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    One kidney failure treatment

    In case only one of the kidneys have been damaged either by health conditions or by injury, then this condition can be cured by dialysis or by removing the damaged kidney by surgery. A person can lead a normal life even with a single kidney; many people do: some donate their kidney and some are born with solitary kidney.

    Kidney treatment by dialysis

    When the kidneys have failed, they cannot perform filtration of blood and the waste fluids begin to accumulate in the body, in this case kidney dialysis is implemented, it helps to remove the waste fluids from the body. If the kidney failure is not chronic, then kidney dialysis treatment is required only for a temporary period. 

    During the procedure, a tube is attached to a needle in your arm. 

    Blood passes along the tube and into an external machine that filters it, before it’s passed back into the arm along another tube.

    This is usually carried out 3 days a week, with each session lasting around 4 hours. 
    Hemodialysis is carried out in this case but for weaker patients CVVH dialysis is carried out. The monthly cost of dialysis is around Rs 15000. In chronic cases, the only treatment is a transplant then dialysis needs to be carried out till a donor is found or till your condition is stable enough to undergo surgery.

    Latest treatment for kidney failure

    In recent times, a drug named DMX-200 was generated in Receptor-Heteromer Investigation Technology (Receptor-HIT). This drug aims to control the protein leakage from the kidneys which is a common inconvenience during chronic kidney failure.

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