Non Invasive Tests


Cardiology or the branch of medicine dealing with the study of heart related ailments invariably evokes fear in the mind of every person required to visit a cardiologist. But a visit to your cardiologist need not be a fear invoking event, as there are a multitude of non-invasive heart tests that your cardiologist can carry out. Non-Invasive cardiology procedures refers to the set of procedures, your doctor carries out in order to find out the general health of your heart. The speciality of these tests is that these are carried out without inserting any kind of injections, surgical material, fluids or any other medical stuff. The non-invasive heart tests are performed by studying the shape, size, electrical pulses, images and performance of the heart and comparing it to the expected behaviour.

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Some important Non-Invasive Cardiology Procedures are listed below for a general understanding.


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