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Carotid Artery Surgery In Hyderabad

As we have all studied during our school days, the human brain is the master controller of every action of the human body. And what helps the brain function? The answer is simple – the continuous supply of oxygenated blood from the heart, by means of two large arteries on either side of your neck, called the Carotid Arteries. Now imagine, what happens if the blood supply to the brain gets interrupted, even for a second? You get the picture right?

As you might have guessed, the blockage of blood flow through the Carotid Arteries can have serious symptoms like stroke, paralysis or even death. And what causes the blockage of this blood flow? There can be any one of the following reasons

Hence, ensuring that the blockage is minimal for any damage is mandatory. This is generally done by medicines and / or lifestyle changes. But, in certain cases, the doctor may suggest Carotid Artery Surgery. This surgery is not for everyone and is generally advised to the following types of patients

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    If you are suggested a Carotid Artery Stenting surgery, ensure that you understand the procedure, the risks involved and precautions to be taken both before and after the surgery. Also extremely important is to inform your doctor about any medicines (with or without prescriptions) that you are taking, any medical conditions and your medical history.

    The Carotid Artery Blockage Surgery is done under general anaesthesia, unless your surgeon wants to check your brain’s response. Then, you will be administered local anaesthesia and sedatives to help you relax. The surgeon will clamp your blocked artery above and below the blockage during the surgery and reroute the blood supply to the brain.

    Then, they will make an incision and peel off the plaque. After the plaque is removed, the incision is closed. Alternately, the doctor may decide to insert a stent to ensure permanent widening of the Carotid Artery blockage surgery. The carotid artery surgery recovery time can be 2 weeks or more.

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