Roux En Y Gastric Bypass Surgery



Roux en y gastric bypass surgery is done to help people in losing excess weight. It is recommended for people with potential life threatening health problems caused due to excess weight. Roux en y bariatric surgery is the most common type of bariatric surgery. Roux en y surgery is advised when diet and exercise doesn’t provide the required results. 

Roux en y surgery, is a type of weight loss surgery, in which a small pouch of stomach is made and is connected directly to the middle portion of small intestine. After this surgery, the food eaten goes to this small pouch and then directly to the middle portion of the intestine. In this way the food eaten bypasses most of the stomach and first portion of the small intestine.


The Roux en y surgery is a combination of restrictive and malabsorptive approach. Thus, this surgery is carried out in two stages. The restrictive and malabsorptive approaches are achieved in the first and the second stage respectively.
  • Stage I (restrictive)
    In this stage, the stomach is divided into two portions, one large and the other small. The smaller portion has the capacity to hold only about an ounce of food. The smaller portion is sewed using surgical staples to make a pouch kind of structure.
    This stage is known as restrictive as it restricts the amount of food that stomach can hold. Due to the small pouch people tend to eat less and feel full sooner.
  • Stage II (malabsorptive)
    In this stage, the small pouch is disconnected from the rest of the stomach and first portion of the small intestine, i.e. the duodenum. The pouch is then connected to the middle portion of small intestine, i.e. the jejunum. By this step, the food doesn’t reach the duodenum which is the portion responsible for the absorption of majority of the calories. Thus, this is the malabsorptive stage.
    At last, the first portion of small intestine is connected to the middle portion so that the digestive juices produced in the first portion can be delivered to the middle portion.

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Roux en y surgery is considered to be a very safe surgery and only about 10% of people experience complication. The risks involved are similar to that of any abdominal surgery. Potential risks can be infection, excessive bleeding, blood clots and in some cases leakage in gastrointestinal system. Calcium, iron and vitamin deficiency can also happen.


The Roux en y gastric bypass surgery can cost around Rs. 10 – 30 Lakhs in India. Top rated hospitals and quality surgeons result into minimum complications. 


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