Lap Band Surgery


The lap band surgery is a type of bariatric surgery which is undertaken by many individuals with excess weight. And it has proved very useful to them.

What is lap band surgery?

A lap surgery is also known as a laparoscopic adjustable gastric band surgery. In this surgery, there is an adjustable band which is placed above the stomach that is at the top of it. This weight loss band surgery is designed specially to reduce the amount of food intake. The surgeons adjust the band so that there is maximum weight loss in this laparoscopic bariatric surgery.

The procedure of lap band surgery

The weight loss band surgery is done under general anesthesia. You may have to spend a night in the hospital. The surgery begins by making small incisions over the skin of your stomach and then a doughnut-shaped band in place at the topmost part of the stomach.

By placing the band in this stomach band surgery a small pouch will be made above your stomach to restrict the amount of food intake. A port is also kept in your stomach connected to the band to remove or add the salt water. The bariatric band surgery is an easy and helpful way of losing weight.

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The cost of the surgery

Not only one but many factors affect the gastric band surgery cost. Usually, where the frequency of weight loss patients is higher, the cost is low.

The other factors affecting the lap band surgery cost is:-
  • The health characteristics of a patient which includes various tests and reporting if there are multiple medical issues.
  • The city, as according to the city a hospital is well equipped with the latest technology increasing the cost.
  • The stomach band surgery cost also depends on the surgeon and his experience, which is a most important factor

Lap band surgery recovery

For the recovery from this lap belt surgery, you should follow the following things:
  • Diet
    A healthy diet is really important for two weeks and needs to be on liquid items only to let your stomach adjust with the food items. And after six weeks of lap surgery you can eat normal food but to a limited extent.
  • Exercise
    A bariatric band surgery calls for a good exercise to recover faster. A patient should generate a good walking habit also to avoid blood clots.
  • Counselling
    The councilors help the patients to be comfortable and feel relax after the band surgery if a patient feels depressed and needs an emotional support.
So if you are thinking of a weight loss then lap-band surgery is perfect for you.


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